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Writing Wednesday: How Will I Remember It All?

Weekly goals just keep rolling along. Three blog posts, market rotations are good. ePubs (modified by revamping the blurbs on all 80 of my ePubs) still on schedule.

I’m in the middle of Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress – when I’m done I’ll need to read one more spec fiction novel.

Wrote 3673 words (that’s right – SIX weeks in a row of making my weekly quota) and wrapped up the initial draft and first revision of Herc Tom #5 (“Imperial Purrogative”) at around 15,800 words. That will make 9 of my 12 stories for this year when I finish the final revision in a couple of weeks. “In the House of the Blue Neon God” will be the 10th.


The longer the story gets, the harder it is to take care of.PurrMissionCoverSeries

Herc Tom’s stealth fighter Shadow is a single-seater. I state it specifically in “Purr Mission.” In “Nipped in the Butt”, Herc tells Katrina that he’ll fly to Sabretooth and ESCORT Admiral Planck back to Ramses (unstated but implying that Shadow only seats one.) Then in “Cat and Mouse”, Herc flies Shadow to the Rainbow Caverns WITH Bertrand. Shadow isn’t mentioned in “Baastards’ Revenge”, so I didn’t realize the inconsistency until I was doing the first revision of “Imperial Purrogative”, where I have Herc piloting Shadow to the surface of Cancer before he realizes that Reggie Pelage is hiding in the back.

This is a small illustration of the difficulties in keeping track of the “facts” in longer stories. I may not be being fair to myself on this when I’m talking about a series like Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire; I wrote the stories in 2011, 2013, 2014, and the last two in 2017. That’s a six-year span of world creation, of “facts” and details accumulating. Given my already poor memory for detail, coupled with a weakness when it comes to taking MEANINGFUL notes. There are always things that I didn’t bother taking notes on because I JUST KNEW it was easy enough to remember.

Makes me wonder what good the notes I wrote two years ago on Swordsmaster are going to do me.

Don’t intimidate yourself, Bill – it’s not like you’re having to deal with Alzheimer’s like Terry Pratchett did. We all have our own weaknesses to deal with, as well as our own strengths. Make the best of it.

Just saying…


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