Sum-it-up Sunday: Diversity of Thinking

I almost posted this as a Forecast Friday.

There are futuristic societies where they have quotas for different jobs, and your career is decided for you by the State at a young age. (someone correct me, but I think we’ve had Marxist governments that have already been / already are up to this.) You can’t be an accountant because there are already “too many people like you” (gender/ethnicity/color/height/eye color/hair color…) What do ANY of these demographics have to do with finding the best person for the job? The glory of the free market is that competition forces the best to the top, while the state wrestles everything to mediocrity. Because you can’t elevate everyone to the same level of talent – you can only interfere with their ability – like in Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron.”

A Google engineer was fired for a manifesto saying maybe we don’t have more women engineers because it’s not their natural inclination. A company bragging about diversity hires people based on shallow characteristics like skin color or gender, rather than for diverse opinions, which means they’re not trying to BE diverse – just LOOK that way.

BTW – Why do we have to have STEM programs to pressure girls to get involved in STEM? Because they’re not interested enough to make some quota? Or to make it easier for them? Will we force men and women to take jobs they’re not interested in just to create some mystical balance? Why aren’t we trying to make more men teach elementary school?

Something I don’t understand – this engineer was thrown out because he dared suggest that men and women might have different interests – that they might THINK differently. Why does this rile up the POLITICALLY CORRECT MOB? Isn’t that difference in THINKING what they’ve decided is all that matters in the furor about GENDER IDENTITY? Isn’t your gender determined by WHAT’S BETWEEN YOUR EARS nowadays? That implies that there is a thinking difference, so why deny it? Seems a bit INCONSISTENT to me.

Of course, what should I expect from people who don’t believe that ANYONE should be allowed to have different thoughts? How does a company that prides itself on innovation think it can continue to thrive infected with this kind of censorship?

Just saying…


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