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Sum-it-up Sunday: Verification, Veracity, Violence

The Kims of North Korea now have the ability to put nukes on missiles. Oh, wait, they actually had this ability in 2013. The Obama administration knew this, but kept acting like they had everything under control because there was an AGREEMENT. Sort of like when the Clinton administration paid the Kims to not develop nuclear weapons in the 90’s, and when it was discovered that the Kims had been cheating and developing nukes, it was still under control because, see, we had an AGREEMENT. I thank these people every day that I don’t have to worry about Iran, because we have an AGREEMENT.

If only we had someone negotiating these deals who understood Reagan’s mantra of “Trust, but VERIFY.”


We are seven months into the latest Congress – the one that was going to REPEAL & REPLACE Obamacare first thing, and it’s still out there hurting people. It makes one question their VERACITY. What did we hire you people for?

It’s a shameful. The GOP has done little or nothing to earn being given the House and the Senate. They weren’t given the Presidency – that was given to Donald Trump, who has made great strides in honoring and keeping his campaign promises. Who do you think will keep the voters’ on their side – a President who’s working hard for them, or a Party that’s hardly working?


In the United States, we have something called FREE SPEECH. It isn’t there to protect us from each other – as with many things in our Constitution, it’s there to protect us from an OVERBEARING GOVERNMENT.

What is hate speech? This has all the subjective hallmarks of pornography, of which one Supreme Court justice said “I cannot define it, but I know it when I see it.” There are things that most people in this country believe, but if they were to utter them they would be accused of hate speech. Things like “I think statues of Robert E. Lee teach us about our history and should remain.”

Who will decide which speech is protected, and which isn’t? Remember, we are dealing with a government formed of MEN, not perfect angels. The same flawed human beings who can look at the events that happened last weekend in Charlottesville and see violence only by the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists (all three groups are despicable), but totally ignore that of Black Lives Matter and Antifa (when did they become symbols of non-violence? At Berkley? Ferguson? Baltimore? Dallas?). The media do not merely ignore the nature of these groups – I heard a presser with President Trump in which the media attempted to drown him out when he mentioned that there was VIOLENCE on BOTH sides. He spoke the TRUTH and continues to be punished for it. Fortunately, we have a President who isn’t afraid of being called names – and who fights back.

Many of us have spent years being cowed into submission (I guess the silent majority wasn’t silent enough for the left) by the label of racist, specifically those of us who are white and conservative (Oh, heck, I’ve even seen black people who didn’t stay on the Democrat plantation called racist – RACIST has become a political weapon which has lost it’s original meaning.)

This is tearing at our character as a nation – we have moved from a society of open debate, to a land where only one side is allowed to speak. We will be silent no longer. We can’t find TRUTH if both sides aren’t heard.

Just saying…


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