Meandering Monday: Back to Normal

We finished our garage sale a week ago (no – we didn’t sell the garage, but it looks much better than it did before the sale.) Inside the house is still somewhat of a shambles in the aftermath, but we are gradually working on getting things back to NORMAL.

Admittedly, this isn’t just a return from the garage sale upheaval – we were still taking care of the jumble things had become once the house repairs were finally done last December (that mess was one of the reasons for the garage sale), which itself was a return to normal from the slab-leak-flood we had a year ago that had us living in hotels for a couple of months. Prior to that we were trying to get back to NORMAL from the decision to redo the house (and tear all the wallpaper off the walls) for a sale that never happened, and so we lived with bare walls for two (or was it three?) years because a variety of health, family, work, and just general upheaval kept us from getting the house back to NORMAL.

Of course, these sorts of life interruptions seem to be NORMAL for us. What is NORMAL?

There are people who think that we are changing the climate – whether they are right or not is not what I’m getting at. They have decided that the way the climate was at some arbitrary point (twenty years ago? Fifty? Five-thousand?) is the way it should always be. They disregard that the climate is ALWAYS CHANGING – that’s what’s NORMAL for our planet. The Earth performs an interesting balancing act, and seems capable of returning itself to some sort of equilibrium regardless of the change. It adjusts and aligns to the new reality. We need to get better at the same.

What is NORMAL?

I remember a scene in As Good As It Gets, when Jack Nicolson’s character is standing in his psychiatrists waiting room looking at all the neurotic and crazy people waiting for their turn with the shrink, hoping for some return to NORMALCY, and he asks “what if this is as good as it gets?” Of course, no one is happy about him pointing this out; ultimately, that’s what their problems really are – an inability to deal with reality.

This is what NORMAL is, and we experience it every day. There is no firm, unaltered state of affairs in the human existence – despite what they say about death and taxes, the only thing that you can count on in this LIFE is that there will be CHANGE – some good, some not-so-good, but it WILL be there.

We’re here to make the best of what we have. Now – get to it!

Just saying…


I finished posting my slightly revamped blurbs last week, so now I’m back to ePublishing on schedule. The next release date is September 22nd – just have to figure out what that release is going to be…


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