Meandering Monday about Making Up My Mind

I think too much.

It was/is Sunday, and I was thinking… I was supposed to be DOING something, working on Swordsmaster, or at least writing “Date Night” and “Schitzo the Magnificent”, but my mind doesn’t want to cooperate and send the signals to my fingers for that. I sit with my hands poised over the keyboard, but instead of typing, I click the mouse and move between the three documents so I can stare at something different.

If you have ever experienced writer’s block, it’s sort of like that, except with three different projects to work on, I can’t seem to bring myself around to embracing any of them. So I’ve put an end to the staring by writing this post instead.

It isn’t like it doesn’t need to be written; I do have a commitment to post three times per week, so I have to get it done, too, so that’s what I’m working on instead.

Why does this bother me? It’s that even though I am (finally) writing something, it isn’t what I had intended to be doing, and there’s no one I can blame for this – no series of events interrupting me, or impositions on my time by other people. I’m sitting uninterrupted this morning for a couple like I do on most weekends, and the only thing holding me up is ME. I feel like I should be able to make my mind cooperate and work on the projects I planned to, and as I’ve said often, I do not handle changes in my plans well.

I could try to blame it on being worn out from working in the garage yesterday, but the fact is I’m almost always worn out, so that’s not a very good excuse. I’ve said over and over again that I’m not a king-tipper – not a quitter. But you can’t quit if you haven’t begun, can you? I’m not very good at getting started.

I think too much…

It’s hard for someone who spends all their time thinking when they can’t, especially when I know that all that’s holding me up from getting things done is a failure to MAKE UP MY MIND.

Just saying…


Here’s what I’m planning for this year’s remaining releases:

October 20th: “Stalking Rebecca” – the story is what I consider a creepy but light horror, so it fits for my pre-Halloween release.

November 17th: “Imperial Purrogative” (Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire #5) – it’s long, and it’s hard to sell publishers on novelettes; stories in a series are also a hard-sell as well.

December 15th: “Sleep with the Snowmen” – this story just HAS to be my Christmas release.


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