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Freedom Friday: No Longer a Slave to the Future

Yeah, I know – since the beginning of the year, when I labeled each day of the week for a particular type of blog post, this has been Forecast Friday. As the year progressed, I decided that three postings per week were sufficient. Meandering Monday and Writing Wednesday have posted consistently, with the third entry each week being split between Forecast Friday, Selling Saturday and Sum-it-up Sunday. For the sake of consistency, and to also simplify my own schedule, I’ve decided to make a change.

Friday is the best day for me to do my third posting, and every fourth week is also a release day for a new eBook, so it makes sense to keep to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. It’s just a matter of the nature of the posting, and there’s no point in holding myself to a topic that was only chosen for alliterative purposes. I don’t always want to write about Forecasting the Future, any more than I want to Sum-it-up every Sunday, or just Sell on Saturday. I may change up the “F” word (don’t go there!) that I choose in a given week, but it’s more important that I have a consistent blog presence than make myself a slave to an individual word. So today I celebrate my FREEDOM from the FUTURE.

Just saying…


StalkingCoverThis is the release date for “Stalking Rebecca”.

A reluctant date hears a tale from a no-longer-secret admirer explaining her fate. Maybe a love that lasts forever isn’t such a good thing.

“Stalking Rebecca” is a short, creepy, speculative fiction (and just in time for a Halloween read); it’s available in many places, including, but not limited to:




Collection9CoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing – including his most recent collection Just Some More, And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get Out of My Mind – can be found in many places, including:
• Smashwords:
• His Amazon Author page:
• Barnes & Noble:
• Createspace (if you prefer physical books):
• His site on WordPress:
• “William Mangieri’s Writing Page” on Facebook at:
• His Goodreads author page:
• Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri

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