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Meandering Monday about Soul Survival

I’m watching Orson Scott Card’s Extinct ; as it’s premise, the human race was annihilated by aliens a few hundred years ago, and now aliens are trying to bring back humanity by creating new bodies (same DNA) and loading them with the memories of the dead.

But who are these “people”, really? Even with the same memories and DNA, there must still be something missing. I think the aliens can reproduce Ezra multiple times, and they’re all identical, which one is REALLY Ezra?

Does the soul exist? Where is it? Can it be captured?

This comes up a lot in speculative fiction – more as a conversation point of observers and fans rather than ever being resolved in the artistic work. Star Trek transporters would reconstruct people at a distance, with no assurance that the transported person was the original – you had to take that on faith, even though there were technical malfunctions at times that seemed to indicate they were NOT the original (of course, if that was the case then no one could be lost due to faulty transmission – you could make as many of a person as you wanted.) What happened to the real person who was allegedly transported? Had the Star Trek engineers figured out an elegant way to deconstruct the original so no one noticed the ethical quandary? Something more elegant than in The Prestige, where Robert Angier KNOWS he’s creating a doppelganger of himself, but commits suicide repeatedly (well, each iteration of him does) to preserve the illusion that he has actually transported himself.

This is similar to the newest entertainment representations of time travel, where you can now travel in time and across alternate timelines, where there are infinite YOU’s with their own experiences. Do they all have different souls like in my “Choosing the Right Time”? Or are they all sharing one soul like in “The Re-Entanglement of Grant Decker” . Or maybe there’s no soul at all, and we are each our own mix of chemicals and experiences. Who really knows?

And how do you know that you’re really you? Something to think about. Just saying…


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