Meandering Monday about Living Under a Curse

In the grand scheme of things, I consider myself a very lucky individual. Oftentimes, things just seem to fall into my lap, as compared with the lives of other people, who seem to be in a struggle on a daily basis. Is it something I did? Jimmy Johnson would say he didn’t believe in luck – you prepare & make your own. Well, I’m not very good at preparing – I tend to be a seat-of-my-pants kind of guy. I tend to watch disaster coming toward me, and figure it will miss me, so that every once I a while I find myself jumping out of the way in the last second.

Maybe I was just that I’m born lucky. Or gifted. Or blessed.

Sometimes, though, it feels like I’m living under a curse. No – not the @#%*! kind, more the MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES kind. I had a series of things happen last week – suspiciously timed software failures at work, supplies needed for our annual Halloween party suddenly in short supply, accidents along the road that seemed to be strategically placed to keep me from getting to work on time, coupled with a broken garage-door spring that kept me from leaving home long enough to trap me in the flow of all those accidents.

Some Kind of Luck.

We need to find reason in our lives. When something happens, it’s hard to think that it was just a random event – there must have been some deliberate act, someone who caused the problem for a specific REASON. GOD’s punishing me, or he’s trying to TEACH ME A LESSON. When things aren’t as bad as they seem (the garage door still works fine with half a spring), then GOD has decided to be kind

If you’re not comfortable with labelling these sorts of things as ACTS OF GOD, you may have other names for it. Luck. Fate. Doom. Destiny. Kismet. Karma.

Well, no matter what you think the governing deity in your life is, it really comes down to attitude. How do you look at your life – a series of challenges, or opportunities? The corollary to THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is THE GRASS IS NEVER GREEN ENOUGH ON MY SIDE.

It can be a good thing for things to not be perfect – it gives you something to strive for, and accomplishments to feel proud of. And occasional setbacks can have their blessings, too, by shaking you out of your routine. You were getting to fat and lazy, so HE knocked you off the couch to get you moving.

Yep – that’s why HE did it to you. Thank HIM instead of CURSING him. (I bet HIS curses are more effective than yours.)

Just saying.


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