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Meandering Monday about the Seriousness of the Charge

I have no idea whether Judge Roy Moore is guilty of what his accusers say, or as innocent as he claims to be. The fact is, VERY FEW PEOPLE really know the truth.

Is there anyone reading this who’s NEVER been accused of something they didn’t do? Would you want your fate to be predicated on what people chose to say about you – whatever their motivation – rather than on what you actually did?

Law is predicated on facts. Why do we say INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? Isn’t that an acknowledgement that sometimes allegations and accusations are WRONG?

It seems terribly inconvenient (or CONVENIENT, depending on your perspective) that these accusers waited until the last month of the campaign to come forward, when many of their allegations were said to have occurred three-decades or more ago. A political game has been played for quite some with these and other allegations – that the accusations MUST be considered because of THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE. If you can create a heinous enough accusation, facts and evidence take a back seat to driving the alleged perp from public life.

I seem to recall that during the 2016 election, several women (more than are accusing Judge Moore) came forward and claimed that candidate Trump had done something to them, and he denied it, but the media trumpeted the accusations as though they only news that mattered. Where are those women now? Maybe that was electoral opportunism – the traditional OCTOBER SURPRISE (generally, elections are held in November, so an October Surprise is something that makes headlines in the last month of a campaign, too late to be proven or disproven, but soon enough to impact the election.)

Former President Clinton was accused by several women of sexual harassment, assault, and rape among other things, but the powers that be chose to ignore those accusations as false. Hillary to this day keeps referring to them “discredited” (how could she say otherwise, when she’s worked so hard for a few decades telling the world that these particular women are NOT to be believed.) Strangely, decades later most of those women are sticking by their stories, and it’s a little late to be a campaign ploy. Tell me why they aren’t as deserving of belief, if not more so?

Who knows what the real story will turn out to be? Maybe we should all try to stick with what we know to be true, instead of what we wish was so.

Just saying…


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