Meandering Monday about Really Knowing

Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) once told an interviewer that he had once had a twin brother, but the two were in the bath tub together when one of them drowned. His parents couldn’t tell them apart, so they decided that Sam must have been the one who survived, but to that day Samuel was never sure if he was Sam, or Sam’s twin.

Who are you?

If you had to prove who you are, and you didn’t have any ID, what would you say? If someone else claimed to be you, how would you prove that they were the imposter and not you? Can you count on your friends? I don’t have any, but even if I did, they wouldn’t truly know me. See, we each behave in different ways depending on who we’re with and the context of the gathering. Your friends (remember, I don’t have any) are used to the YOU that they interact with, but that isn’t the same YOU that your spouse, or your child, or your boss, or anyone else in your sphere of acquaintances knows. So, if you’re not acting the way they expect, would they know it was you?

Most of us don’t even know ourselves that well. There are things that we choose to believe about ourselves that aren’t necessarily true, but that WE need to get us through life – the narrative that we count on. But the narrative I’m living isn’t the same one you are, and who REALLY knows which one is true?

And then there’s memories – we’ll just take a mind-dump of the two people and see which one has the right memories. But memories aren’t etched in stone – they’re poured into our gray matter, and are as malleable. You and I can be in the exact same place, experience the same event, and each have different memories of it – and that’s before we start remaking the memory (which happens each time we try to recall it.)

In the end, how do you know what reality really is? And whether you’re really you?

Just saying…


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