Fatalistic Friday: Where Are You In Your Story?

I heard a co-worker ask herself “Where have the years gone?”, and I told her it wasn’t time to think that way (she’s only twenty-five) – I’m not sure I can remember when I was twenty-five (that’s not entirely accurate – that’s the age I married at, so there are definitely things that I remember about back then – but I don’t really remember being struck by a thought like “where have the years gone” back then. Now? I’m well over twice that age, and the thought DOES occur to me more often than I care to admit.

It’s one of those annoying (unless you would rather it be depressing) facts of life, like how the singles ads and gym flyers you used to find in your mailbox somehow have changed into offers for hearing-aids and cremation services. But it’s still not time for me to throw in the towel.

Things are different when you get older – not just what you see, but how it strikes you. My better half has really gotten into watching ER, so of course I’m seeing a lot of it, too. I remember watching it back when it was a new show in ’94, when I was a stripling 37-years old and the parent of a six-year-old. I was focused on the children in the show, as well as the odd-ball injuries and diseases that brought people my age to the ER. I noticed the older people sort of in passing, but what struck me then was the suddenness of death – how you could be here one moment and gone the next. No loitering; no lingering. Out, out, brief candle. Pfffft!

The show strikes me differently now. There’s lots of lingering, particularly among my age group. Sure, you don’t see all the years (the show is an hour, less commercials, so how could you), but you know they’ve been around a LONG time, and there doesn’t seem to be any hurry as they approach the finish line. The only thing that seems certain is that Death is coming, but he’s taken his time (hmmm – is Death ever a woman?), and he’ll let things drag on a bit more. It’s been this long – why rush it? And there seems to be an unwritten agreement with the seniors, that they will not make a fuss when it’s time to go – they almost welcome it.

Of course, I don’t know how I’ll handle the process when my time comes; none among us knows the hour, nor how we will behave when we’re finally introduced to our own ending. But I have never been one to tip my king, and for now, at least, I believe that I will not go gentle into that good night. I still have things I want to do, places I want to go (especially Mars), more strange stories to write, promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. The idea of just stopping doesn’t hold any appeal to me – at least not yet.

Just saying…


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