Felicity Friday: Things That Bring Me Peace

There are things that I’ve experienced over the years, many of which I haven’t done in ages (yes, I’m almost old enough to talk about AGES as a time frame), but still hold special places in my heart.

I read Lord of the Rings (the first time of at least 7) when I was fourteen. I always feel like that book and Middle Earth is part of me. This was when we lived in Tewksbury, and in the woods behind our house there was a dome-shaped hill that seemed to be made completely of rock (I imagined it had been left there by glaciers during some ice-age or another.) I played there often, and there was a tree growing out of the top of it which put me in mind of Treebeard. When I close my eyes and think of a peaceful place, that’s where my mind goes – to that rock-mound in the autumn woods, with leaves covering the ground that rustle with the wind and as I walk between the trees.

Robert Frost’s “The Mending Wall” also puts me in mind of that place, and is another source of peace for me – I feel like it was written about where I lived.

Christmas music and trees and lights always lift my mood (I feel sorry for those who experience the opposite.)

Cream of Tomato Soup with saltines crumbled in it is a comfort food I remember from my childhood – whenever the cafeteria at work is serving it, I can’t pass it up. It’s even more powerful than my other comfort food: grilled cheese sandwiches. Both of those foods come with the crackling and warmth of a fireplace that feels good regardless of the time or temperature in the real world.

You store away fond memories somewhere in the back half of your brain, and sometimes, when you’re shaken-up by the stressful hustle and bustle of life, those snippets of contentment suddenly fall to the front of your mind, and it’s like the happiness spills out right along with them.

What memories bring you peace?

Just saying…


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