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Meandering Monday about the Fountain of Youth (it’s all in your head)

I remember – back when I was still acting – getting myself drunk on a can of Coca-Cola. I wanted to see what it would be like to be drunk, and I needed something to drink to help simulate/stimulate the process. I actually became drunk – unable to walk (or stand) straight, and it took me the better part of a half-hour to recover from the effects (it was a sealed can that never left my hand, so I know no one slipped me anything.)

A good imagination has survival benefits if you’re an actor or a writer – at least inside the professions themselves. Interacting with the real world that same imagination can be an impediment.

We humans are wonderfully suggestible creatures. It’s because of our capability to overthink things (you wouldn’t accuse a dog of overthinking, would you?); we don’t just limit ourselves to seeing what’s actually there. We can see things in our minds and superimpose them on the real world – our own sort of augmented / virtual reality (or hallucinations, if you wish.)

I’ve seen lots of kids lately (well, I call them kids – they’re younger than mine is) looking at life like they’re old people – like so much of it is gone and they’re in their last days. They have the energy of old age – because they’ve thought themselves there. You’re as young as you feel.

There’s an episode of the old Twilight Zone series called “Kick the Can,” in which an old man in a rest home longs for youth, and thinks that a game of kick the can will restore it, and he convinces several of the residents to play with him – they all become young again and run from the home, laughing and playing.

I remember that sand volleyball game I played a couple of years ago. I felt just as limber, just as quick as I had been thirty years before. I saw the ball sailing toward me, and remembered what it was like to jump in the air and reach up and swat that ball. I felt young again! I leapt, but somehow, I missed (to be honest, I’m not sure how much I leapt – for all I know, my feet never left the ground.)

Sometimes reality brings you down to earth – or keeps you there. But you can still decide how you want to see it. You’re as young as you want to be.

Just saying…


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