Writing Wednesday: Writing in Isolation?

Goals update: The year is wrapping up – it’s over after last week. Three blog posts, all of 2017’s ePub’s released, and all twelve new stories completed and out to market (and back out to market when they come back to me.)

I wrote an extremely disappointing 189 words (out of the expected 3,000) last week (I only put time in writing on one very short day revising Swordsmaster – this is what I love/hate about the Holidays – life interferes with my writing once again. But if we didn’t have life to inspire us, what would we write about?) That dropped this year’s average some and into second place – I have twelve days left to bring that average back up. I’d like to finish the year at over two-thousand words per week. We shall see.

There will be a final year’s status coming up (January 1st?), as well as posting 2018’s goals.


When I began my Midlife Renaissance™, I decided on writing as my main creative outlet because it was something I could do almost anytime and anywhere (I’ve tried to continue practicing my musical instruments, but I would have to have them with me, and I can’t just play trumpets and such anywhere, at any time.) Don’t get the wrong idea – this wasn’t just me looking for something to do. I AM driven to create, and writing is a form I have revisited irregularly throughout my life – I just decided to apply myself to it with regularity. I enjoy exploring what’s in my mind and writing it down (even if some find it disturbing at times.)

The main advantage I saw in choosing to write was that I could do it by myself and not be dependent on anyone else. That is still true, but it turns out that writing isn’t the solitary pursuit I thought it was. There are other people involved who have an impact – whether they are helping you out by proof-reading or offering critiques, or just leaving you alone so you can sit in the dark and write.

And the readers are people, too – like a tree falling in the forest, if they aren’t there to read and hear the words, are those words really on the page in the first place?

And then there are all those voices in my head. Writing a story can get really crowded. Do a guy a favor – help me keep them from just staying in my head. Read my stuff.

Just saying…


SleepWithTheSnowmenCoverAmazingly, there’s still time to read “Sleep with the Snowmen” before Christmas, so go out to Smashwords and use coupon code YC56N. the story is FREE for the next 44 people, so get one for yourself and tell your friends, too!

Ask not for whom the bells jingle…

A petty criminal crosses the wrong fat man, and is offered the opportunity to change his path; or, he could just “Sleep with the Snowmen.”

Here’s the link on Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/760508 (and after you read it, reviews and ratings would be appreciated – thanx!)


ImperialPurrogativeCoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing – including his previous ePublication “Imperial Purrogative” – can be found in many places, including:
• Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/NoTimeToThink
• His Amazon Author page:  http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B008O8CBDY
• Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/william-mangieri?store=book&keyword=william+mangieri
• Createspace (if you prefer physical books):  https://www.createspace.com/pub/simplesitesearch.search.do?sitesearch_query=william+mangieri&sitesearch_type=STORE
• His site on WordPress:  https://williammangieri.wordpress.com
• “William Mangieri’s Writing Page” on Facebook at:  http://www.facebook.com/NoTimeToThink
• His Goodreads author page:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6893616.William_Mangieri
• Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri

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