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Flaky Friday: Are We All Insane?

Can a writer or anyone else identify when they’re crazy? I know I’m not the best judge for myself, although I try to err on the side of YES, I AM (it’s probably NOT much of an error.)

The fact is, we go through phases of our life all the time when we’re crazy, we just don’t usually see it in the moment. We look back on the last one we were in, or the one months before when we thought we were the only sane people, and we can now identify it because we’re in a different phase, in a different crazy. How often have you asked yourself: HOW COULD I HAVE DONE THAT? WHY DID I THINK THAT? THANK GOD I’M NOT IN THAT FRAME OF MIND NOW (yeah, you’re just in a different, no more or less valid one.) The definition of crazy – or just plain wrong- is more mutable than it should be. Things that we would have thought were crazy back then are perceived as perfectly normal now, and PERCEPTION IS REALITY, after all, isn’t it?

So – exactly which reality are we in now? Just saying…


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