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Feverish Friday: Fun with the Flu and Fate

Yes, it’s that other most wonderful time of the year – flu season. With the flu vaccine looking to be only 10% effective, lots of us will be experiencing its joys. Not me, as of yet, although I’ve been exposed to enough suffering friends (not that I actually have any) and loved ones, that if I was going to catch it, I would have it already. I remain annoyingly immortal, and prepared to survive this and the eventual zombie apocalypse.

Why am I so seemingly impervious? (no, I am not as Unbreakable as Bruce Willis was in that movie, but I do dodge my share of disease.) Is it a special blessing that I have? I am definitely less deserving than most of special consideration, an illustration of how our behavior and worthiness has nothing to do with what natural maladies will befall us. Bad things still happen to good people, just as some cheaters DO prosper.

Life is fair, just not in the ways we would like it to be if JUSTICE was truly POETIC. What is our purpose here in this world? It is to do the best we can with what we have, and to handle whatever befalls us with as much grace and perseverance as we can muster. We’re just put here to learn as best we can before we wind up at the next station. Where will that be? No one knows, but remember: it’s not the destination; what matters is the journey.

Happy trails. Just saying…


My next ePub release date is in 2 weeks on January 19th. Still need to pick the story and prep it for Smashwords and Amazon.


SleepWithTheSnowmenCoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing – including his latest ePublication “Sleep with the Snowmen” – can be found in many places, including:
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