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Film Friday: Favorites, Anyone?

We all have our favorites, don’t we? Before you read any further, list your 10 favorite movies. If you need help thinking of them, in this day and age of movies on demand (on disc or streamed whenever you want), yours are probably the ones you’ve watched the most, or perhaps that you own.

Just to make space on the page so you won’t see the continuation of the discussion, here’s my top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. Invincible
  2. A Knight’s Tale
  3. Galaxy Quest
  4. Lord of the Rings (I’m grouping the trilogy together – it really was one long movie)
  5. It’s a Wonderful Life
  6. They Might Be Giants
  7. Unbreakable
  8. Alien
  9. The Princess Bride
  10. Blade Runner

This is just a little exercise in self-awareness. Aside from your taste in genres, is there a theme that runs through your favorites? I look at mine, and I repeatedly see underdogs attempting to change their stars, to reach beyond what rational people would say they’re capable. To dream, the impossible dream… There’s also some finally discovering what they were made to be.

What does your list say about you? Once you’ve analyzed your list, show it to a friend and see if they pick out a totally different theme. I can imagine someone else looking at my list and seeing an unrealistic dreamer, or the fantasies of someone in their midlife – or beyond – crisis (but I’m not – I’m in my Midlife Renaissance ™, remember?

What do your friends see in yours? The real you is probably somewhere in between your vision and theirs. Just saying…


My next ePublication will be another consolidated collection – The Next ‘Three Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND.’ The release date will be February 23rd – I’m working on getting it formatted and out there soon for preorders.


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