Floating, Flailing Friday: Feeling Like Flotsam

The place where I earn a living decided they needed to have layoffs, and so the carnage began. I cannot speak to whether it was a good decision from a business perspective – that is far above my pay-grade. And we will never really know whether the company would have survived without doing this, because they did it, and we can’t definitively know what would have happened in the alternate reality where they didn’t have a layoff. We are all entitled to our opinions, and even if there is no factual basis for how we feel, we still feel it; feelings aren’t restricted to “just the facts, mam…” – that’s why they’re called feelings.

Rumors that this was coming had been circulating for months, and some of the rumors seem to have been fairly accurate. I suppose we could count ourselves lucky that what really happened was only SOME of what was rumored, and not the SUM of all the rumors.

I’m a generally positive person, but I and others have been staving off the dark clouds that descended this week with gallows humor. Not that this was a giggle-ourselves-silly kind of event. But there are all sorts of FUNNY, aren’t there? Sarcasm. Irony. They get us through the dark times, but they never are REALLY funny except when you consider how you could have chosen to feel instead.

I survived the cut, and am selfishly thankful it wasn’t me, although many who are now gone seemed more deserving of being spared than I do (yes – SURVIVOR’S GUILT has taken firm hold.) And it’s been tough around here this week, far tougher for those who were let go than for myself and those of my colleagues who remain. But just because someone else broke their leg, it doesn’t mean your broken finger doesn’t hurt, does it?

Of course, I should still be able to console myself with my survival. Like the fellow in the wheelbarrow proclaimed in Monty Python & the Holy Grail: “I’m not dead yet!” Now, what was it that happened to him? Just saying…


CollectionNext3CoverMy next publication will be another consolidated collection – The Next ‘Three Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND.’  (That’s a total of 18 stories from my 4th, 5th, and 6th ‘OUT OF MY MIND’ collections, including some personal favorites, such as “My Brother’s Keeper”, “Cannabis alienus ‘alien dope’”, “The Red Barrens”, “Dempsey’s Debut”, and “The Wolves Will Come.”)

From the blurb for “The Final Ending?”:

Faced with a seemingly immutable fate written by a hard-TheFinalEndingCoverhearted author, what would you do? John Charming wants desperately to rescue his true love, but the creator of his particular story expects John to just sit back and accept his destiny. John has other plans.

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