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Free-Speech Friday: Friends don’t Fake Friendliness

A lot has been made of how uncivil we’ve become – all over the place, people ar saying things that – well, that shouldn’t be said. We have fragile people trying to find safe spaces on college campuses (although it seems a little strange that those SAFE spaces are being enforced by violent protestors.) Please don’t subject us to different ideas.

How did things become so uncivil?

Imagine the situation as though it was Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s. The whole family gets together for the feast, and football, and, like any other family, there will be people there you can’t stand, or who have beliefs that conflict with yours. But they’re not there to be a clone of you or anyone else – they’re family.

There are unwritten rules of behavior – certain topics – like politics – that shouldn’t be discussed, for the sake of civility and to keep the gathering pleasant and help the family feel unified. You self-censor.

Traditionally (well, it happens every year, so it feels like it must be a tradition), Uncle Joe will sound off about anything and everything that he feels passionately about, regardless of whether it’s controversial or not. The rest of the family lets him slide – sure he isn’t abiding by the unwritten rules, but if no one else says anything, things can go on being pleasant, and we can all just get along.

Then one day, Aunt Mary has had enough of Uncle Jo, and she voices her disagreement with his opinions, instead of just letting him have his unimpeded, uninterrupted say. Uncle Joe gets upset, maybe he decides to argue with her. Or maybe, as unused to being opposed as he has become, he clams up and stops violating the peace.

And for this, Aunt Mary is branded as a trouble-maker, as though she is the one who has broken the peace, when in fact, Uncle Joe has been violating it for years. That’s what’s happened in our public discourse – Aunt Mary has decided to stop letting Uncle Joe be the only person with an opinion. It’s called unfiltered, unbanned FREE SPEECH.

Freedom of Speech is NOT freedom FROM speech – people will be allowed to say things that you don’t agree with – but you will have the option to voice that disagreement. Toughen up! Be honest! That is what we expect from our friends, isn’t it?

Just saying…


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