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Fundamentalist Friday: What Everybody Knows, What You Believe, and the Truth

Narrative seems bigger today than it has in memory – mine, at least. Or maybe, with the end of the “mainstream media” monopoly on reporting, narrative has just become more obvious. When I say narrative, I mean NARRATIVE as in the adherence to a particular slant on telling stories – and I don’t mean fiction (although when you slant the truth enough, even without outright lying, it does become a fiction.)

For example, when every report on weather phenomenon, whether hot, cold, rain, drought, flood carries with it mention of Anthropogenic Climate Change, it should make you scratch your head at the contradictions – unless you’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole of the narrative that you won’t allow yourself to see that the Emperor has no clothes.

Some people like to say that what they (and EVERYONE WITH SMARTS) know informs what they report, but it actually DISinforms, and prevents honest discussion. Theologies masquerading as science. Dogma posing as fact.

Science isn’t consensus as some people like to claim, but the constant and systematic consideration of evidence – both in support of and in opposition to your theory. And if the only way your theory can stand is to silence dissenting views (as was discovered in University of East Anglia emails), you aren’t talking science – you’re spouting DOGMA. But where is there open discussion of the facts – suach as an exploration of how Mars is warming or cooling just like we are, which would indicate that the cause is likely to be something other than MAN (unless you think the Curiosity rover is making that much of a difference on Mars?)

Gun control believers think that declaring a zone gun-free will solve the problem, but statistics show that it’s just an invite to criminals to come victimize defenseless people (which is why the Colorado shooter drove past closer movie theaters to do his killing at one with signs prohibiting guns) (and if laws are going to stop the killing, why do they have to be so complicated? Why don’t we just make murder illegal? Oh wait – it is…) But the true-believers of the Gun Control church will be content to continue their chants for disarmament and that as long as they’re viewed as one of the body, it’s good enough. We don’t need solutions, just virtue signaling.

The Russian Collusion narrative has been spouted (and investigated) for 18 months or so of evidence-free reporting, and there are still people insisting that Trump colluded, even though there is no proof, and it even looks like Putin would have rather been facing Hillary, who would have continued Obama’s legacy of appeasement (to be honest, Putin didn’t really plan to influence the election either way – just to destroy our faith in its legitimacy – and he’s being ably assisted by the Democrats and the media. The old KGB’er is a master of Narrative.)

The wonders of Marxism are still spouted by many – how can a system that has failed everywhere it’s been tried, continue to hold appeal WITHOUT being a religion? It’s a system that does well as long as it has Capitalist countries to feed it. And maintains control by treating its people as – something other than people.

I once questioned how it was possible to know whether we were truly a free nation, and to know whether we were being given the truth. A wise man told me that you just had to look at a typical newsstand – all the publications available to us – especially because the information they offered so often conflicted – was proof of the availability of the truth.

It’s our responsibility in a free society to be informed, and, to take all of the information we’re fed and use our minds to reason-out the truth. There are some things you just must choose whether to believe in (like GOD), because there is no scientific way to prove or disprove the existence of a deity. Ultimately, you must remember: you can have your own opinion, but not your own facts. The more that a group stifles discussion, the more likely their beliefs cannot stand up to different opinions. Or plain, simple facts.

Just saying…


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