Fun Friday: In Search of a Frying Pan of Doom

One of the greatest things about the internet is how it makes it possible to find ANYTHING you are looking for (if only I could figure out how to get people to look for my books… sorry about that self-serving digression.) Whether you want to rediscover toys from your childhood, or find special tools or merchandise that no one sells in your town, it’s on the internet. There are instructional videos on how to do just about anything. And even if you can’t remember the answer to a question that escapes you, you can hunt and peck and you will eventually find what your memory lacked. Of course, there are studies that indicate the internet is actually reducing our ability to think and remember, so it’s a mixed bag, but for someone like me whose memory is already poor enough that I can ask myself a question in June, and my internal filing clerk doesn’t retrieve the answer from my memory until December, it’s marvelous to be able to find information on the fly.

There was a story we had discovered when my son was just a wee lad, but I couldn’t remember the title or author of the story – all I could remember was that it involved an enchanted weapon: THE FRYING PAN OF DOOM. So, I typed the name of the weapon into my search bar, and voila! I found the source – “Utensile Strength” in Patricia Wrede’s collection The Book of Enchantments (you should check it out – it’s a fun little tale – very tongue-in-cheek fantasy.)

But the point of this post (What was that? Is there ever a point to these posts?) was not to tell you the answer that I was looking for, but to talk about the REAL magic of the internet – all the answers that you WEREN’T looking for.

In the search for information, it is so easy to find yourself swirling into the maelstrom of data, slipping down the rabbit hole, and sucked into the vortex of how one thing leads to another leads to another leads to another leads to…

What I discovered (well, rediscovered really), was a site that is its own vortex of rabbit holes: The site has pages and pages of cleverly written explanations of all sorts of (overused) plot devices/themes/formulas used in television (any story-telling media, really.) Yes, the Frying Pan of Doom was in there, related to other memes like The Rolling Pin of Doom and the Hyperspace Mallet. The fun is not in finding a particular idea, but in following link after link (each page will lead you to many others.) Here’s a link that leads to the site, and to one of my particular favorites – “You Shall Not Pass.”

Follow the links – you never know where they will lead you. Enjoy getting lost in it (but not TOO lost – just saying…)


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