Fearlessly Feeble Friday: Don’t Mess With Us Old Folks

Most people (the decent ones, anyway) react with anger and disgust when they hear that some thug has beaten up (or done worse to) a senior citizen. We all look at those news reports, and place those people in an especially despicable class of cowardly, cruel predators. I believe we even have especially heavy sentencing guidelines for those who victimize the elderly. It’s bad enough to do that to any other human being, but to attack the elderly, who are about as defenseless as children.

But are they really?

I’m older than most. As I’ve aged (that happens every day), I’ve noticed that I have gone from a fairly relaxed LIVE AND LET LIVE stance as a young adult, to a THEY NEED TO LOCK THEM ALL UP in my middle years, to my current GO AHEAD, PUNK – MAKE MY DAY philosophy. This seems to be a natural progression of aging; maybe it’s because the young feel impervious and believe that nothing bad is going to happen to them (so why have anger at what won’t happen to them), while us old folks are all too aware of our mortality (and how close it is, so we are constantly watching for the spectre with his sickle.) This shift in attitude has a definite effect on what’s going to happen when we’re threatened.

Then there’s this other thing: the very lack of mobility and strength that makes us attractive targets of thuggery, helps us to realize our limited self-defense options. I once took an introductory Krav Maga course, and there were two main components to the method: first disable the attacker, and then run away. Well, I MIGHT be able to knock someone down, but there’s no way – with my bad knee and my calcified achilles tendon – that I’m going to run away from anyone (I recently had to chase down a renegade shopping cart and thought I was going to die in the process.)

So knowing where I stand (because I CAN’T run), the idea of packing a rod is more appealing – maybe even a necessity (and here we have a slew of morons marching in the streets, trying to make it harder for me to buy a gun and protect myself? I don’t think so…) Firearms are the great equalizer.

Anyone who approaches the elderly with bad intent should keep that attitude. And reality. And necessity in mind.

Just saying…


My next release (due on May 4th) will be another collection of collections – The Last Three Things I Could Get Out of My Mind, which (unsurprisingly) will contain my last three Out of My Mind collections (that would be More, And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get Out of My Mind, Some More, And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get Out of My Mind, & Just Some More, And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get Out of My Mind; catchy titles, ain’t they?) – a total of 20 stories.

Still haven’t started formatting, yet. Get to work, Bill…


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