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Meandering Monday about a Different Kind of Remoteness

It is amazing how different technology makes things. Imagine that you lived when travelling from Europe to the NEW WORLD meant leaving everything and everyone you had known behind. After months of travel you arrive and begin taming your relatively unknown new home.

And yet, we believe that people / neighbors / families were closer back then – even over expansive distances. They wrote letters and stayed in touch, and still “knew” each other even if years intervened between when they’d last seen each other.

If we don’t hear from someone in one minute, we give up on them and go on to other things. When I was young, Sunday Dinner was an event that took all day (and longer for the cooks.) Why, when I was your age…

If I were lucky enough to be among the first Mars colonists, to travel to that NEW WORLD, I would be able to communicate with the people “back home” in minutes. As harsh as the environs might be at my destination, that is a comfort that our ancestors never had.

So, technology can have the potential to keep us closer, but at the same time it’s making us more remote. Current and future generations have no patience – their attention spans are so short you can’t count on them to be available when they said they would, or to pay attention to what you’re saying if it’s more than “x” characters long. Would they be willing to wait ten or more minutes between sending a message and getting a response? Picture them huddled around a viewscreen, like people huddled around a radio in the 30’s – would you see that kind of attention?

I hope we never have Star Trek-style transporters. Aside from how unsure I am that the person who would be at the end of the transmission would really be me instead of a copy, there’s an expression about journeys vs. destinations that I can’t remember exactly – something about the journey being what matters, more than the destination. How much does it matter if it can be achieved almost instantaneously? What would that mean about our existence? Would anyone be at our destination to notice?

Just saying…


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