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Fanatical Flocks Friday: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones…

…but names will end lives and careers nowadays. Are we MEN, or are we SHEEP?

So the bruhaha this week is about Roseanne Barr’s allegedly racist comment (BTW, I find it interesting that all the NEWS MEDIA, which will refer to a criminal caught in the act of killing people as the “alleged” shooter, but the label of the comment’s RACISM is asserted without the word “alleged”, or even with the qualifying quotes (i.e., “racist”) that they are so fond of using when there is dispute about some fact (or actually, an attempt to discredit the speaker.)

I dispute whether this is racist comment. I have no idea if Roseanne Barr is racist, but all over the news I see the comment labeled as racist. I look at Valerie Jarrett, and I can’t even tell if she’s black. We and several other parents I’ve heard have referred to our own children as monkeys.

I am puzzled (what’s new?). If I were to ask you if you like watermelon, is that a racist question? Perhaps I managed to peek at you through the internet, and saw that you are African American and assumed you like watermelon. Or worse, I’m using it as a code, implying that you are African American (even if you’re not), and therefore inferior. Of course, anyone who thinks I mean you’re inferior because you might be African American must be assuming that African Americans are inferior, which I don’t think at all. It’s in your head, not mine.

This is the problem with the THOUGHT POLICE, and HATE CRIME legislation too, for that matter. When you presume to know the thoughts in someone else’s head, what you are usually doing is trying to pretend you’re them, and if YOU said what they said, then you would be thinking RACIST thoughts, so they must be. But why did those thoughts appear in your head so quickly? Perhaps it’s because that racist connotation was already inside your own mind.

Valerie Jarrett has blamed the alleged racism and coarseness that came out of Roseanne’s mouth on President Trump. How do you make that connection? From my recollection, Roseanne has been coarse, inflammatory, obnoxious, and insulting since long before Trump even thought about running for President. But that connection should tell you everything you need to know about this “news” story.

That’s right, I can play THOUGHT POLICE, too.

The only reason Roseanne was fired, her show canceled, and this has become frontpage “news”, is because she voted for Trump. Political bigotry at play, here, with an opportunity to score points against President Trump and his supporters (yes, the DEPLORABLES) AGAIN by calling them RACIST.

The show was a huge hit, although not in liberal Meccas (OMG – did I just connect liberals with Muslims? What kind of bigot must I be?), and I know it grated on the predominantly liberal network (despite the buck$ they were raking in) and the rest of the MSM that it was doing so well.

I’ve never watched the Roseanne reboot (and since it’s being wiped from availability as well as 1984’s Ministry of Truth could do it, I probably never will see it), but I’ve heard people of all political stripes say that – at its heart – it portrayed a family that could actually TALK about their differences, a stark contrast to the shout-down, boycott-happy, ostracizing, safe-space-seeking, micro-aggression-fearing world we live in now; all of which reminds me more of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, or Nazi Brownshirts, than a country that has FREE SPEECH enshrined in its founding.

Wrong-thinking will be punished! Not for thinking Valerie Jarrett looks like a character from Planet of the Apes, but for supporting President Trump. For being on the wrong side in the Land of POLITICAL Opportunity.

Just saying…


Yeah, I know – only one week before my next eBook release, and I still haven’t decided which story it will be. Stay tuned…


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