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Faking-it Friday: Fallacious Facts

Sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with a blog topic. This wouldn’t be an issue if I only posted when I have an idea, but my goals are structured to post three times per week for a reason. It’s hard to establish and build a presence online if you don’t post for days or weeks. At the same time, I don’t want to just post for the sake of posting – it does no good to post something uninteresting, because the quality of content is at least as important as the quantity (probably more so.) After experimenting last year, I settled on THREE per week as both necessary and doable.

For Writing Wednesday, I’m reporting on my goals and talking about what’s going on with my fiction, so that’s almost always easy. But Meandering Monday can be difficult (really – you’d be surprised how hard it can be to meander), and ____ Friday causes just as many headaches (picking a word that starts with “F” to share the title is nothing – I write my topic first, then look for an appropriate one in my thesaurus…)

The more I do this, the harder topics are to come by. This is complicated by my attempts to keep politics out of it. I’m a political junkie, so my thoughts naturally head in that direction, but I know that most people’s eyes glaze over if you talk about it too much.

So, I’m giving you fair warning, folks – today it’s going to be political. Protect your eyes if you must.

It seems that most of our Journalists (at least those people who self-identify as such) are having a hard time coming up with FACTS to report, instead relying on rumor and inuendo to get by.

There’s been an obsession with Melania Trump’s location since her surgery, to the point of some accusing the President of punching her. Really? Journalists? Why does your output feel more like immature, TMZ-style, high school gossip? After being labeled as FAKE NEWS now for two years, it might behoove you to stick to some FACT-based reporting.

Over a year into the official Russian Collusion investigation (actually, more than two years of spying and investigating and finding NO PROOF), and we are still treated to daily, uninformed updates. George Stephanopoulos (a former Clinton employee) was the one who started all this talk about Trump pardoning himself. It’s a moot point – I believe that you must be convicted of something before you can be pardoned, don’t you? And aside from the fact that no one has found anything to convict President Trump on, DOJ guidelines also indicate that a sitting President can’t be indicted or subpoenaed, so to be convicted of something, he would probably need to be impeached in the House and convicted in the Senate (and they don’t seem to have anything that rises to that level, unless being rude is now such an offense; but then, that WAS their winning campaign against Trump in 2016, wasn’t it? “Don’t vote for the man with the orange hair – he’s rude!”)

It’s becoming more and more obvious that the real scandal of the 2016 election was in the other outgoing administration and the Democrats. Time will tell…

Iran has never stopped threatening us since the 70’s – Trump withdrawal from Obama’s pinky-swear agreement (not a treaty, and, at least as far as the Mullah’s are concerned, totally non-binding) hasn’t caused them to become hardline – they were already there, and Obama sending them pallets of money and lying to Congress (and the world, for that matter) doesn’t seem to have made them better citizens. Instead of acknowledging the true nature of the Islamic Republic, our media blames it all on Trump (do they not realize that pulling out of the Iran Deal was another of his campaign promises?)

North Korea has stopped firing missiles over their neighbors (which I know gives at least temporary relief to our Japanese and South Korean allies, mostly because Trump talked tough (and rudely) to their dictator, instead of cowering politely like his predecessors. But we keep hearing how out of his depth Trump is in foreign affairs. If only he was more like Bill Clinton (who helped them on their way to nukes with another meaningless agreement), or Barack Obama (who, I believe, received a Nobel Prize as a rookie President for apologizing to the world for US.)

President Trump moves our embassy to Jerusalem and is called reckless, but somehow the NEWS forgets that our Congress – from both sides of the aisle – voted to do this (I don’t remember – decades ago?) It was as reckless as Reagan calling the USSR an EVIL EMPIRE.

Meanwhile, the economy is posting record growth, record employment for ALL, not just one little group here or there (yes – a rising tide DOES lift all boats), and as has been said of more elections than I can remember, IT’S THE ECONOMY (“STUPID”) that has the biggest impact on voters. Yet we are treated to endless NEWS stories of the BLUE WAVE that the Democrats are going to ride to victory (while they promise to raise our taxes and return us to the glorious Obama economy that we all knew and loved? I think not.)

I feel better about Trump now than I did when I voted for him. I haven’t seen any masses of his supporters defecting, and the coveted moderates, and even traditional Democrat voters are seeing their lives improve (remember – ALL BOATS); I wonder how many of them want to crawl over broken glass to get to the voting booth and return to the GOOD OLD DAYS, when the Democrats ran things (into the ground)?

Just saying…


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