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Friendship Friday: Fair or False?

Let’s pretend for a moment that you have a friend. You have lunch together every week, but whenever it’s time to pay the bill, they don’t have their wallet and count on you to foot the bill. You are fairly well off, so it doesn’t kill you financially to do this, but it has become a pattern that isn’t quite fair. You would like the situation to change, but you don’t want to seem rude, and are afraid that it might cause a fight, so you let things stay the way they are.

Is a good friendship one where you don’t talk to each other when something is wrong? Where you never fight? Or is a true friendship the home of an open, back and forth dialogue? If there are things pertinent to your relationship that you aren’t allowed to discuss, exactly what kind of friends are you?

I’ve known couples who bragged about never having fought with each other – things were going along swimmingly until they divorced.

When did we decide that the success of a relationship should be measured by how much we DON’T talk to each other? Relationships aren’t easy – especially ones that are worth having – any more than life is fair. Many of us go through this life with the attitude PEACE AT ALL COSTS. We avoid conflict by letting things stand, instead of resolving conflict, because the DEVIL WE KNOW IS BETTER THAN THE DEVIL WE HAVEN’T YET MET (of course, we haven’t met them, so how have we decided that?)

This is a thinly veiled analogy to what President Trump did with NATO this week. For decades, most members of the Alliance have taken advantage of us and refused to do their part (what they had AGREED to do), and AS A GOOD FRIEND, President Trump insisted on resolving the issue by simply speaking the truth and expecting them to keep their word.

“HOW RUDE!” Our snowflakes cried. Mind you, this has been their battle-cry for two or three years, the disqualifier that was either supposed to keep Trump out of the White House, or have him impeached after he won. Somehow, I have a hard time taking seriously as the arbiters of civility a group which advocates the assault of the opposition in public, including threatening their families.

If rude is what it takes to keep NATO from falling apart through its own members neglect, then maybe we should stop extoling DO-NOTHING-DIPLOMATIC-POLITENESS as a virtue. Just saying…


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