Meandering Monday about a Fantasy about Men and Women

So I’m on book four of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series (The Shadow Rising.) At first, I chose it because what I’d heard of it came across as Epic Fantasy, with the crown passing (at least in one reviewer’s opinion) from J.R.R.Tolkien to Jordan. I needed something to read that was more like my own Swordsmaster, which is not what I would consider EPIC (I think it’s smaller than that) Fantasy, but not as down-in-the-dirt as Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Even though The Wheel of Time is Epic – it feels smaller, too, and the feel of it helped reinforce my voice in Swordsmaster.

I think part of the reason that Jordan’s work feels smaller is because, even though he’s writing about epic things, he’s spending a lot more time inside the heads of his characters (who seem like non-epic people) than Tolkien did. I think (feel free to correct my meandering if you want) that Tolkien’s work (at least LOTR) is High Fantasy, dwelling on the EVENTS more than their impact on the little people (I don’t mean just the halflings, but normal, everyday, non-epic people.)

Jordan spends a lot of time on the relationships and differences between men and women (I noticed it a tiny bit in the first book, but it seems to have become a major part of it since then; I wonder if that continues through the OTHER TEN books.) Does that make the book Romantic Fantasy? Or is Jordan merely exploring the theme within a High Fantasy?

Anyway, I found myself laughing out loud (yes, I know that’s LOL) at the competing stereotyping that each gender does to the other. Of course, I’m not a snowflake, and can still appreciate the notion that there are differences between men and women without feeling like the world is going to come to an end, or that it’s so horrible a place that it deserves to come to an end. I wonder how long it will be before Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series has been banned for gender insensitivity.

Why would ANYONE have a problem with there being differences between men and women? Viva le difference!

Just saying…


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