Finite Friday: Who Wants to Live Forever?

I was listening to the radio, and I heard about a study that coffee drinkers gain health benefits versus non-coffee drinkers.  I thought what I heard was that drinking one cup of coffee per day made you 8% less likely to die early, and EIGHT cups made early death 16% less likely (I wonder what sixteen cups would do?) For this posting I wanted to find the exact statistics instead of just remembering them, so I did a search online. I decided after looking at a few of the results that it wasn’t worth the time to be that exact. I did find this in the Chicago Tribune .

Here’s a very important part of what the article says:

Overall, coffee drinkers were about 10 percent to 15 percent less likely to die than abstainers –

Wait! I drink LOTS of coffee. Does that mean I have a 10-15% chance that I’ll never die?! Oh – no, here’s the rest of it:

…less likely to die than abstainers during a decade of follow-up. Differences by amount of coffee consumed and genetic variations were minimal.

Okay, so I won’t live forever. My wife will be happy (not that I’ll eventually die) – she is bothered by any study that says it’s okay for me to drink as much coffee as I like to. She worries that I’ll over do things.

Of course, I also read a 1995 New York Times article  about a study that found a 49% reduction in mortality from drinking three to five glasses of wine a day. I should probably get started on that regimen – it seems to have greater benefit. And if I mix it in with my coffee drinking, I should be able to stay relatively sober.

Everything in moderation – including sobriety.

I look around at the “old folks” where I work – some of whom I know are younger than me – and I wonder how I look to the other people – do I look old? Parts of me feel it (that darn knee and heel), but mostly I feel the same inside was I did when I was twenty and in college the first time around.

My significant other is buying a helpful book titled I’m Dead – Now What? Maybe I don’t need to be so worried that I might live forever. Just saying…


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