Famous Friday: What Are You Known For?

I bellyache sometimes about various aspects of society and how tied we seem to be to the need for FAME. Some of it (like school shootings) are totally reprehensible, while others (like SOCIAL media and REALITY TV) are distractions that place emphasis on gaining clicks and views rather than actually ACCOMPLISHING something of VALUE to society.

Of course, the quest for FAME is nothing new, and the fact is, just about everyone is looking for their fifteen-seconds (or is it minutes?) of attention. I used to think that I was immune to this – in fact, my LACK OF INTEREST in being famous was something that I developed a REPUTATION for – was something that I was KNOWN for.

When I was acting, I really did it because I enjoyed the rehearsal process, and becoming someone else. More time was spent in rehearsal than performance, and since performance was at the end of the run, having an audience was in a way bittersweet because it meant the show’s run was almost over. I didn’t care about being “noticed” as an actor. In The Sound of Music, the local newspaper writer completely left my Captain von Trapp out of his review; my female cast members were furious, but I acted as though I was amused (I was actually feeling unappreciated by the paper, but VERY happy that the girls cared, so I maintained my cool, calm persona.) The writer actually apologized to me at a political event later that year, which gave me another chance to be ABOVE IT ALL.

I bellyache (literally) about my 4-time Taco Eating Championship at work, but part of my FAME is not just in winning, but in HOW I win (“Bill! You look like you’re all relaxed, just like it’s Sunday Brunch!”) No rush. No Panic. Stay calm, and carry on.

This dovetails with my “Never give up! Never Surrender!” attitude. I believe that defeat is never certain, the game is never lost, until it’s literally OVER. so why panic or get depressed – just Keep Calm and Carry On. In my wargaming days, I earned the nickname of THE THREAT because I never acted like the game was out of reach – I was always cool, as though I knew something that the others didn’t. I acted that way in school too, and had a reputation for being one of the smartest (even when I didn’t know, I was really good at acting like I did.)

I write because I enjoy it, but I think I’m finally reaching the point that I need to feel like I’m succeeding. I act like it’s okay as each of the rejections appears in my inbox, but I REALLY WOULDN’T MIND if I could become famous for my writing. Just saying…

What do you want to be FAMOUS for? We all have something.


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