Writing Wednesday: Herc Tom on a Roll

Weekly goals report: 3 blog posts. Stories cycled to market as soon as markets were available. I posted more comments and likes on other peoples’ blogs than I have before.

I wrote 2,628 words in six days (still struggling for consistent writing time, but getting closer.) “Cats Out of the Bag” is just over 14,000 words, and has been through its first revision.


I finished reading Lord of Chaos (book six in The Wheel of Time – I am REALLY enjoying that series.) I’m counting on the tone of Robert Jordan’s work to help me stay consistent when I return to Swordsmaster. Considering how long Swordsmaster has been taking me, I’m grateful that there are fourteen books in the series (Jordan died before the series was finished, but I’m sure Brandon Sanderson managed to maintain the tone on the last three.)


My plans are changing again. Since I have now committed to tying Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire #6 (“Cats in the Bag”) and #7 together, I won’t be returning to Swordsmaster until I have both Herc Tom stories ready to be published.

The remaining workflow will be to write the rough draft for #7, then its first revision, followed by a second revision for both stories, and then yet a third revision for both. I normally only do two revisions on a short story, but between the extra length of these (both will be in the novelette range) and the “fact-checking” that’s necessary to keep a series consistent a third revision is in order.

It took me two months to get “Cats in the Bag” to this point, but my writing on this series is rolling along now, so #7 should finish faster. Then I will return to Swordsmaster. Of course, we all know how those best laid plans go, don’t we?

Just saying…


CollectionFirst3CoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing – including his many collections, such as The First Three ‘Things I Could Get Out of My Mind’ – can be found in many places, including:
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