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Meandering Monday about Blogger’s Block

What to write about this time?

For six years now, I’ve managed to drive my writing production – whether it’s short-fiction or blogging – by forcing myself to keep a schedule and a set of goals. In the case of my fiction, I set a number of stories to write each year. For my blog, I have three postings I need to do each week. I work hard not to let either slip (although this year I know I won’t make my short fiction goal – I had no idea how much time Swordsmaster – my first novel – would require. And how much it would impact my short-fiction mindset.)

Whether we’re talking blogs or fiction, you have to have something to write about. You would think ideas for stories would be harder to come by, but I can usually come up with something to start my pen moving. For me, a blog topic is harder to come up with. I think the process suffers from the same darned internal editor that sometimes causes writer’s block and stifles creativity. The thing that keeps telling you “that sounds stupid” or “no one will like that” as the words try to form in your head, so that they never make it onto the page. I can usually set aside my infernal editor when writing fiction, but when I write a blog post, the gap between when I write and when the audience will see it is smaller. I have a fear of sounding stupid, but when I’m writing fiction I can put a story out there and there’s a chance that no one will read it for months (delayed humiliation?). When I write a blog post, it feels as though it’s been read as soon as I post it, so I worry about that instant rejection, even if no one ever comments. Well, ESPECIALLY if no one ever comments.

Performance anxiety is always there, and it can make me hesitant to set those words on the page. And every idea for a post can feel like a failure before I even start. Sometimes you just have to start writing in a sort of stream of consciousness and see where it takes you.

Just saying…


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