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Meandering Monday about My Entropy

They say that the mind is the second thing that goes when you get older. I don’t remember what the first thing is/was. Or who THEY were, for that matter.

There have been times when I felt the distinct ‘click!’ of my age kicking-in. I remember a company softball game when I was twenty-eight, where I was able to run all over the place fielding balls. I remember the softball game the very next year when I could hardly run at all, and I threw my back out leaning over the hood of my car after practice. Yep, something definitely happened between twenty-eight and twenty-nine.

Mostly, though, age creeps up on me. A different company event – a picnic in a park. We were playing sand volleyball, and as the ball floated toward me, I leapt the way that my muscles remembered I needed to to reach the ball, but somehow, every single time I came up far short of where I remembered.

Not that I actually RUN, but when I try now, it’s a far cry from what I remember it feeling like, and less effective than a brisk walk. There’s a lack of physical ability there, as muscles lose mass and elasticity, but there’s also an overall lack of ENERGY. I find myself dreading annual activities (like climbing on the roof to put our Halloween scarecrow up, for instance) – starting to feel like too much effort.

Here lately, my ability to eat anything I want has ended (it’s just as well that I no longer have to defend my Taco-Eating Championship – four years running, but that last year my dominance in the field was measurably declined.) Now I can expect pizza (one of my major food groups) to not sit well, and even 1 or 2 pieces (I used to eat the whole pie) will make me wish I had an antacid (no – Tums are NOT the fountain of youth

I had felt on the inside like I’m still in my twenties, while on the outside my hair turned silver and the spots started appearing on my skin. I think it was last year that I realized that my inner feeling had left my twenties, and was closer to my fifties (still a decade below my calendar age, but nothing to celebrate.)

Life is a fight against entropy, and aging is an endurance event, not a sprint – except there is no pacing. You have to move as fast as you can for as long as you can, because there IS NO SAVING YOURSELF for that last lap – you will always finish the end slower than you began.

Just saying…


BreathingCoverMy next ePublication is “Breathing is Overrated”, one of my three Writers of the Future Honorable Mentions. Here’s the blurb:

Left to die in the abyss of space, Jansen finds something to live for – or it finds him. “Breathing is Overrated” is a speculative fiction short story with a touch of light horror…

“Breathing is Overrated” is available for preorder at several online retailers, including, but not limited to:



(Did I mention that this one earned an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest? Just saying…)


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