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Meandering Monday about the Midterms

Tomorrow is the final stage of the midterm election cycle, and other than cries of “Foul!” and demands for recounts, we will finally know which side will be the winner in this round. With all the talk of the mysterious BLUE WAVE (that’s never made any sense to me in Texas – if the Democrats couldn’t total enough voters in their primary to equal the votes Ted Cruz received by himself, how did that constitute a Democrat victory?), you would think that the Democrats were going to take over Washington. Vaunted experts are now 85% or so certain of the Democrats taking the House. Just remember, at about the same time two years ago, Hillary was 90% certain to be the next President, so beware those experts (an ex-spurt is a drip under pressure.) No one knows how it will turn out, but that there will be a lot of crying from somewhere when it’s done.

I would like to think we’d then have a year of political peace before the Presidential campaigns get into full swing, but after watching the incivility of the LEFT for the last two years, there’s little hope of that. Whether they win or lose, they will continue to be out for blood.

I realize that there are few if any people who’ll be influenced by what I say in this posting. Many of you have voted already, and if you haven’t already made your mind up now, I doubt you’ll be voting. Look around you, though and think through the discrepancies in what you’re hearing.

If the Trump Economy is no big deal, why does Obama (he of the “8 Summers of Recovery” and “What’s Trump going to do – use a magic wand?”) try to take credit for it? This is the same man who said you could keep your doctor and your insurance plan, that Benghazi was not a terrorist attack (until he lied about it with the assistance of the moderator in a debate with Romney), and snuck billions of cash on a plane to our enemies in Iran.

The same Mainstream Media who won’t call Obama or most other Democrats on their lies can spend 90% of their reporting finding negative things to say about a President whose approval ratings are in the 50% range, and who’s presiding over a record-breaking economy that is a big part of what his Make America Great Pledge was all about.

One of the most mind-boggling things of all to me is that Trump is taking a lot of abuse, and doing it for free (remember – he doesn’t keep the Presidential salary), and his net worth has also been dropping while in office. If under these circumstances a man can be called greedy and self-serving, what shall we say about Obama, who is now worth millions, having never truly been in anything except politics? Think – how DO people become wealthy with that kind of career? I don’t think it comes honestly, a pity because so many of my countrymen take the dishonesty of politicians with a shrug of the shoulders. It shouldn’t be that way, but if that’s the kind of people who gravitate towards GOVERNMENT, do you REALLY think it’s a good idea for the GOVERNMENT to become more powerful?

Just saying…


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