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Meandering Monday about Knowing What’s Real

I rewatched Dark Star recently – there’s a spot where they’re trying to talk the bomb from detonating itself in the bomb bay (it’s a smart bomb.) They cause the bomb to question reality because it can’t be certain of the data it’s receiving from the outside. How reliable is that data?

How do you know what’s real? We all (especially in this fragmented, divided internet world we live in) have to rely on the contradictory data coming in to us, and who has time to analyze it all, to figure out what’s good data and what’s garbage? Mostly, we rely on trust – we find a source of information that seems to be consistently true, and that’s where we go to stay anchored.

How much of reality is really just what’s going on in our own heads? Could each of us has their own version of The Matrix playing? Or are we all just elements in each other’s’ dreams? Does that make our reality any less REAL? If we’re self-aware, then does it matter that we’re just thoughts in someone else’s head? There are some who think that that’s who we really are – dreams within a dream. How would we know the difference?

Eventually, the bomb has a breakthrough and decides what reality is – it can think, therefore it is, and it has a purpose, and blows up.

Now, let’s all go about our own interactive purposes and see what we can make of things. It can’t be as bad as all that, can it?

It could be enough to drive me crazy if I wasn’t already there. Just saying…

The question for today: How do you know that YOU are YOU, and WHO YOU ARE?


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