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Meandering Monday about Comments and Self-Promotion

As usual last week, I struggled with my goal to comment on at least three blogs.

Why do I have this as one of my weekly objectives? One of my weaknesses when it comes to making a go of it as a self-published writer is marketing and self-promotion. I’m not comfortable with asking people to BUY MY STUFF, anymore than I was comfortable with doing a Filter Queen vacuum cleaner demo when I was in college and then asking someone to fork over the money to buy it (which is why that job only lasted one week.) It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the machine – it was an excellent product, and I would have liked to have one (if I’d had the money), but asking people to shell out FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS (this was in the 70’s) was beyond my limited abilities to interact with other humans.

(My books aren’t anywhere near $400 – just saying…)

So back to the blog commentary. I read that one of the things I’m supposed to do to drive traffic to my blog and my other works is to interact with the community at large – read what other people are writing, and COMMENT on it. This will build up a presence, and result in comments, and likes, and …etc.

I get very few comments on my blog, and most I delete. Why? Because to me, there’s a difference between a comment that MAY be self-serving, but at the same time seeks to have some relation to what I’ve written in that post – actually COMMENTING ON MY POST – as opposed to a string of words that could have been posted in the comments section of any blog, regardless of the topic.

(I PROMISE – If you post a comment on my site that REALLY relates to my posting, maybe even seeks to star a conversation about it, I WON’T delete it…)

I’ve also had very few reviews of my work, but I remember two that were actually written one after another on the page for one of my stories, where what they wrote had more to do with each other (the reviews involved two characters riding along and talking to each other – and no, not about my book) rather than anything involving my eBook. Between the two, they averaged a 2-1/2-star rating of my story, with no evidence that they’d read it. I’m not sure WHAT they were promoting, but it had nothing to do with me.

Maybe I’m just too old-fashioned (and shy, although everyone I say that to laughs and can’t believe it – “Come on, Bill, you used to act! And you sing in the grocery store! You are not shy…” ) to operate in this LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! digital society we live in now. Self-serving comments that have nothing to do with WHAT they purport to be commenting on irk me, and that’s added to by the links they provide.

My hesitation to leave comments on others takes things a step further. If I can’t leave a comment that I think adds value (praises in a relevant way, or share a similar experience, or help solve a problem), then I have a hard time pressing that SUBMIT button. We all have our limits on what we consider acceptable in our interactions with others – and we need to remember that these others – even though we can’t see them – are people deserving of respect. We shouldn’t just walk into the party at their OPEN HOUSE and start shouting how OUR party is so much better, but that’s what I see a lot of people doing, and what I try not to do to other people.

But then – right now – this is my house, and my party. Come on in, and feel free to post a comment or start a discussion if you like.

Oh, and buy my stuff, too. PLEASE.

Just saying…


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