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Meandering Monday about Making Sense of Reality

It’s hard to live a life where you need to make decisions all day – every day. We have all sorts of habits and traditions that we use to take those decisions away, so we can exert our brains on WHAT’S IMPORTANT.

There are people who lay out their clothes for the entire week so they won’t have to spend time and (diminished) brainpower each morning deciding what to wear. Some even buy seven of the same outfit for the week so they don’t have to make any decision about it at all (when the majority of us feel that someone’s coping habits are “a bit out there, we start giving them labels – OCD, ADD, ADHD, Acey-Deucey, or whatever acronyms we can put together (this in itself is a habit, too – once we’ve put a label on something, we don’t have to think about why it’s that way – it just is (or in this case, THEY just are) that way.

That labeling is sort of a more conscious version of what your brain does when it’s receiving a lot of unfamiliar stimulus – sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations come at us so much in our normal lives that we don’t really pay attention to the details – our brain filters out the unusual from the normal, and then tries to turn the unusual INTO normal (which is why when you hear a UFO hovering overhead, you talk yourself into thinking that odd sound was back-up beeper on a garbage truck, or that odd refection in the sky was a weather balloon – see, we don’t need the GOVERNMENT to fool us into ignoring it – we do it to ourselves.)

If you stare at static on a television (does that exist anymore?) long enough, you’ll start seeing shapes, like people or animals you might see in cloud formations, only creepier. They’re not really there (I don’t care WHAT that little girl in Poltergeist thinks – they’re NOT HERE!) – it’s just your brain trying to make sense of something that makes no sense – at least not based on anything that we’ve learned to accept as reality.

Each of us sets up our own collection of THINGS WE KNOW (or let someone else decide it for us), and this includes KNOWING an acceptable explanation for things that don’t mesh with our version of reality. We even try to set it in stone (because bits and bytes are too transitory) by making it scientific dogma and demanding adherence to those beliefs. You know what I’m talking about (if I say it outloud I might be labelled, so, never mind.)

Sometimes we lose track of why we do things, and where all that labeling came from, and when that happens – when substitute theories morph into consensus fact – it’s hard for reality to get back in and reassert itself.

That’s why to this day we can’t remember where the cats really came from. We all better open our eyes and let some reality reassert itself – before it’s too late (it may be already – they’re EVERYWHERE. Just saying…)

(I’m so proud of myself! This really was a MEANDERING Monday, wasn’t it?)


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