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Meandering Monday about Sausage

I love sausage. There’s a saying about not wanting to see how the sausage is made – it’s of course not always about SAUSAGE – just an analogy about how there are some (MANY, actually) things that it’s better that you NEVER know the details of.

When a child wants to know about chicken nuggets, it’s up to every parent to decide how much that child REALLY NEEDS TO KNOW (and be careful what you decide – even though I’ve known some people who made it into their adult years without knowing, they DO find out eventually, and it can be a permanently scarring experience. Maybe not as bad as “Soylent Green is people!”, but some just don’t cope well…)

What do you wish you didn’t know?

I do have an idea of what’s in sausage, but I haven’t watched it being made, and I think I will avoid the temptation to do so. Of course, if I really want to lose weight, maybe that’s something I should experience. In the modern world (at least in my neighborhood) food acquisition and preparation is a remote process; I suspect that most things we eat are prepared in a rather unappetizing way – especially to people (like most of us) who didn’t grow up on a farm or running from lions.

Wolves and hawks were my favorite animals when I was younger. I knew they were predators, and I knew on a certain level what that meant, but seeing a wolf chase down a deer on Nat Geo, or watching a hawk kill a bunny outside our front door gives me a different feeling about them. Is it because I’m older now, and I know I’m one of the older, weaker ones in the herd, and the wolves are just waiting for me to trip up? (which reminds me – you really ought to read “The Wolves Will Come”, a story I have a WolvesWillComeCoverparticular fondness for:

The Tribe is leaving their world for a new home, but Bear is too old to make the journey. It is of no real consequence – it isn’t in him to run from his enemies. Soon the Exiled will find him – or will age and the wolves get to him first?

See which it is – read “The Wolves Will Come.”

“The Wolves Will Come” is a short story, available singly at various retailers, including:



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(Ooooh – look at me, SPONTANEOUSLY marketing! Just saying…)


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