Writing Wednesday: The Clarity of Fresh Eyes

Last week’s goals: Three blog posts. Still looking for an open market to send “Date Night” to. Socialized sufficiently on other people’s blogs.

My March 12th release will be “Reining Cats and Dogs” (Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire #7), but I still haven’t started prepping the eBook yet. Need to start soon so I can have a decent length of preorder exposure.

I picked up another 1982 words last week as I continue my reemergence into Swordsmaster in review/pseudo-rewrite mode. I’m about two-thirds of the way through this pass.


I’m two thirds of the way through my reacquaintance with Swordsmaster, which is mostly reading, touching up things as I go. Obvious mistakes, awkward wordings. I don’t want to change too much until I’ve finished the first read-through and really understand where I was when I set it aside half-a-year ago.

I’m making my usual notes in the margins about what I think works and needs to be expanded, or what isn’t and needs replacement or fixing. I’m pleasantly surprised at how solid the story itself feels. It still needs better detail, but more so as to flesh it out rather than to make the story work. But fleshing out is still a lot of work.

And then there are bits of … sloppiness.

I have multiple spots where Sandrik has to bring different people up to speed – his father Mikael, his girl Merith, and Lady Marissa – and it all came out in a list of “He told him about… and he told him how… and he mentioned…” Lady Marissa does the same thing with her brother Dragor. Well actually, she didn’t do it that way, and neither did Sandrik – it was all me. I know what I was thinking when I did it – I had all this information to deliver, and the reader had already been there when it happened, so I didn’t want to repeat it all for the readers over and over again, so I tried to sum-it-up like Inigo Montoya. I’m thinking now that wasn’t the right approach. I need to find a way to vary the presentation and make it more interesting. It’s only been a few months since I wrote it, but listening to Jordan’s writing, I think I know how to do it better now.

The more you write (and read, apparently), the better you get, and even the passage of time makes it easier to see things that you missed (or ignored.) Just saying…


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