Writing Wednesday: How Many Eyes Do I Want on This?

Last week’s goals: Three blog posts. Still don’t have an open market to send “Date Night” to.

I think I only read and commented on ONE person’s blog (need to make sure I get that done by Saturday.)

My March 12th release will be “Reining Cats and Dogs” (Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire #7), but – YES, this is repetitive – I still haven’t started prepping the eBook yet.

I picked up another 1476 words last week on my Swordsmaster review/pseudo-rewrite. I’m about 93% through this pass, and then I get to begin some serious rewriting and revising.


I’m almost done with my re-acquaintance with Swordsmaster. I’m happy with the story arc, and I think I have enough characters for what I’m trying to do. The story sits at 86,000 words, and my best guess says the novel will wind up around 100,000. This increase will be mostly from adding more description and details.

Of course, there’s a chance that detail isn’t all that I’ll change; this is where it gets a little scary – well, a LOT scary if I’m going to be honest about it.

Swordsmaster is told in third-person limited point of view. It has one main POV character (almost all the story is told from the perspective of Sandrik.) There are currently only three places where it’s from another character’s viewpoint: The Prologue (which happens four centuries before Sandrik’s birth), the opening of Chapter One (from Dragor Tarlenon’s POV, about the time of Sandrik’s birth), and one brief scene from Vassa’s (after Svaerd’s escape.)

I’m happy with third-person limited, but I’m wondering now if maybe I need to open it up more – give the reader more opportunity to get outside of Sandrik and inside some of the other characters.

I know part of what’s influencing me to think of this is my reading – a year or so between George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (PLEASE finish the books, George!) and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. Of course, Swordsmaster

isn’t an epic, and it doesn’t have the kind of real estate to work with like The Wheel of Time, spanning 14+ books, 1800+ named characters and who knows HOW MANY words (I think Mr. Jordan went a little overboard, but I’m still reading, aren’t I?).

So I won’t be using that many characters for POV – there are twenty-five or so that might be significant enough to use,but if I did that it would lengthen the story unnecessarily and drag it to a halt. Maybe Swordsmaster can support up to ten POV characters. We shall see…

Just saying…


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