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Meandering Monday about Connecting with Humanity

I’m almost done reading book eleven of The Wheel of Time. Well – since I can barely find sit-down time, when I’m sitting, I’m writing. All my reading is done by someone else (thank you, Audible), and all I’m really doing is listening while I’m driving.

And guffawing.

I’m not a guffawer, and yet here I am, breaking out in uncontrollable fits of delight (I haven’t seen any of the other drivers staring at me, but I may have been too preoccupied to notice) as various plot lines twist, or as the characters betray the truthful ironies of being human.

I don’t know if it’s the performance or the writing that has me in laughing so hard that I’m in tears and guffaws. It could be the buildup – being so deep and invested in the plot and characters it’s almost like living it. There’s so much background that there are multiple layers of meaning (and fun) built up over time

Makes me think of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast Trilogy. After reading through Titus Groan and most of Gormenghast (my memory may not be too clear on this -it’s been about fifty years since I read it) and absorbing the idiosyncrasies of the castle and it’s inhabitants, the story arrived at a long and hysterical climax (the series really should have ended there in Gormenghast – at least it did for me. The trilogy really was better with just the first two books – Titus Alone never worked for me.)

Jordan’s characters do more than service his plot – they are real, believable, and often endearing people who just happen to be stuck in an epic, being dragged along through the Wheel’s pattern, and doing the best they can to survive what fate has in store for them. Plots and subplots don’t stop them from being themselves.

I’ve often heard that, aside from entertainment, the purpose of fiction is to help us understand other human beings (and – sometimes – even ourselves.) I find that the writers I enjoy the most are the ones who let me see what’s going on in there – and help me laugh at it.

I need to learn how to do that for others. Just saying


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