Writing Wednesday: Reading with My Ears

Stats from last week: Posted three of my own blog posts as usual, and commented on enough of other people’s blogs to satisfy my quota.

Still have a couple of stories hanging in limbo because I can’t find an open market (“Date Night” and “Schizo the Magnificent”.)  One of them will be my next ePub release (due April 26th.)

I completed Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, which means I’ve “read” five of my six spec-fiction novels for this year (more about this below the asterisk barrier.)

I’m 80% through the current revision of Swordsmaster. (didn’t devote the amount of time I wanted to – LIFE, again.) I logged 505 words of fiction last week; Swordsmaster has crossed the mythical 90,000-WORD-BARRIER(!!!) and now sits at 90,245 words. Maybe it will wind up at 100,000, but it’s just a guess – my notion of how long Swordsmaster will be changes from week to week. I’ll know when it gets there. Just saying…


I’ve finished listening Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. I found the books immensely engaging, and it’s probably one of those series that I’ll choose to experience multiple times (like Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter books.) The last three books of the fourteen-book series were written by Brandon Sanderson, but I didn’t notice any difference in the overall voice, nor in the major characters.

Of course, I can’t be sure what I was observing. As I’ve noted, lately my “reading” has all been audiobooks (because I can’t make myself just sit down and read – when I have time to sit down, I prefer to be writing), and since ALL the audiobooks are performed by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, THEIR interpretation of the stories and their characters is surely influencing how I hear the characters, and so there might have been observable differences on the written page.

Since my reading objective is to learn how to write better, the narrator’s influence is one of the potential drawbacks to doing my READING WITH MY EARS rather than with my eyes. But is it really a drawback? I still get to study the author’s pacing, how he plots, how he works in descriptions, his overall use of language, and how he develops his characters. And HEARING it read also gives me a chance to observe how words sound rather than how they look (which is why the recommendation to read YOUR OWN STORIES OUT LOUD so you know how they really sound (the readers will read it out loud inside their own heads. I’m trying to do some of that READING WITH MY EARS now as I revise Swordsmaster.)

I recommend the series if you haven’t read it yet – and especially the audio books if you haven’t heard them – Reading and Kramer are excellent.

I’m listening to the prequel now (New Spring) while I try to find a series with a similar voice to begin (remember, I stuck with this series because it was close to the voice and tone I wanted for Swordsmaster.) Anyone have any suggestions for something similar? Post it in the comments if you do, please!


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