Writing Wednesday: Curse Ye, Rabbie Burns…

Stats from last week: Did my three blog posts, plus commented on three. Markets I haven’t submitted to aren’t open, so “Schizo the Magnificent” is still languishing (all prepped with nowhere to go.) Since “Schizo…” is a flash fiction (and I don’t ePub flashes as stand-alone anymore), my April 26th release will be “Date Night” (a pity – another of my Writer’s of the Future Honorable Mentions without a buyer. Close, but no cigar…) I’ve started my formatting. The cover is going to be a struggle, but hopefully I can do it proud.

I’m almost done with Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time prequel (New Spring); when I finish that will be my six spec novels for the year. I need ideas for my next read, and since I’m still working on Swordsmaster, I need suggestions for something of a similar nature to The Wheel of Time – feel free to post those suggestions in the comments. PLEASE…

I’m 93% through the latest revision of Swordsmaster. I logged 2,140 words of fiction while Swordsmaster reached 91,287 words.


“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Gang aft a-gley.”  – thank ye, Robert Burns…

I make a lot of plans. My day-job is as a project manager, but I would be doing this even if it wasn’t part of my job description. Sometimes I wonder, though, if I make lists in place of doing the things that the lists are for.

It certainly seems at times that there is no real purpose – my record of being able to predict what is doable and likely to happen is just barely better than that of a meteorologist, and no matter how often I set those plans up, they invariably prove to have been off, whether because they were to ambitious, or I wasn’t driven enough to achieve them.

My latest Swordsmaster revision policy: I will pursue a particular task with each pass, but as I find things that don’t work, I will deal with them (heck, I’m already doing that, am I not?); usually, I have the solution in mind when I spot a problem, and any notes I take will be less effective the longer it takes me to get back to making the correction. This time around, the revision was supposed to be about adding some color – some details – yet I kept catching other things that I need to tweak. A scene that works better with a different character. Another scene that really needed to be in a different place. A character I had neglected to explain at all.

I had worried that if I kept at Swordsmaster, doing revision after revision without a break, that I would become blind to any flaws. It turns out that keeping at it is helping me spot how I’ve missed tying things together in places. I’m also thinking no that the Chamber of Justice scene worked better with Dragor rather than the Countess, who doesn’t really appear anywhere else in the story. Or maybe I NEED to fit her in in a couple more places to flesh things out (looks like I’ll be waffling about that one for a few more passes yet.

I do know this: I am certain now that I won’t release in June – it was a target I set for myself last year, but I know Swordsmaster won’t be ready by then, and aside from making a self-imposed (and somewhat arbitrary) deadline, it does nothing to ensure that Swordsmaster has been done properly. Let’s try an September release instead (and we’ll see how long THAT one holds – Just saying…)


William Mangieri’s writing – including his most recent release “Reining Cats and Dogs” – ReiningCatsAndDogsCovercan be found in many places, including:
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• Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri

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