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Meandering Monday about Leaving a Mark

We live in an age where people seem focused on trying to achieve their fifteen seconds of fame. For many, it doesn’t matter WHAT the cause of that fame is – FAME – as mercurial as it is – is the objective.

It’s human to want to be noticed, but even more human to want to be remembered. Some people try to leave something lasting, something that will at least survive their passage to the next life. Charitable foundations. Wonders of the world. Children. A song. A book (hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

No matter what we think of ourselves, no matter how much we try to be (or appear humble), we all want to be remembered, to leave something behind. No, not a scuff-mark, or some crayon on the wall, or something from when you burnt rubber. And hopefully not the spot where you tried to fly but hit the pavement a little too hard.

Height marks on the wall are closer to the …mark.

Probably just another sign of this bloggers age, and my impending mortality (boy, doesn’t that give the lie to my vaunted existence as an IMMORTAL…) I love the change in my junk mail. Hearing aids. Retirement communities. Cremation services (do I really want to be burned to a cinder and carried around in an urn?. Or do I want one of those funeral plots with a nice headstone that my name might stay on for a few hundred years – until they build a golf course over it?)

For many of us, funerals will be our last shot at being remembered. Would I want to attend my own? Not so sure. I’d like to be noble, and be able to say I left the  world (not the planet – that’s a totally different, INHUMAN thing) a better place than I found it. It does matter WHAT you’re remembered for – if not here, then in the next iteration. At some point, I will cross the veil into that good night, and I hope I leave some sign that I was here.

How do you want to be remembered? None of us knows the place or time where being will change to remembering. Best get to it.

Just saying…


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