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Writing Wednesday: When Will Enough Be Enough?

Last week’s status: Made my three blog posts as usual, as well as my quota of comments on other blogs. Still looking for a new market for “Schizo the Magnificent”, but not looking for one for “Truth in Advertising” anymore since it will be my June 21st release. Need to prep the eBook.

Last week I managed to spend time on six separate days again revising Swordsmaster – finished one revision, and I’m 18% into the next one. I get credit for 1,897 words of fiction (in my need to have a way of measuring productivity); Swordsmaster, is now over 94,000 words.


Things progress slowly but surely on Swordsmaster. I’m glad I decided to listen to The Wheel of Time again rather than moving on to another book – it’s  helping me keep the proper tone in Swordsmaster (if I had returned to A Song of Ice and Fire it would probably destroy the story – or at least warped it as it sent me into paroxysms of rewrites.)

Before I started the current revision, I reviewed a document that I’d put together at the end of last year, where I had noted deficiencies, and places where I needed to make decisions or add details. I was able to mark the majority of it as either complete or unnecessary, and am pretty much left with five types of changes to make:

  1. General corrections – like making sure characters or places aren’t confused in the narrative, or there isn’t some glaring inconsistency (like someone dying on page 7 and then still being alive on page 85 – and NOT because of magic),
  2. Grammar and spelling (consistent spelling is always fun when you’re making up words.)
  3. Increasing descriptive details (without burying the story.)
  4. Foreshadowing and Aftshadowing
  5. Decide on chapter breaks

When will I know that enough is enough? I’m changing less and less in each draft, and it’s starting to feel like – if I don’t publish Swordsmaster soon – it will be because I’ve been sucked into the rewriting and revising trap (inspired by either the good becoming the victim of the perfect, or the fear of rejection.)

Still targeting a September release. As I’ve said, there will be no queries or hunting for publishers; I want this out there and being read, not languishing in the legendary sock-drawer as I search for a gatekeeper to let me be published.

That leaves me with only about four months to go, which is a little intimidating. I likely still have a handful of revisions left, and then there’s also the prep work for publication.

I will probably include a map in Swordsmaster (eBook and paper); this will be the first time I’ve had anything other than text inside one of my books (unless I count the string of Chinese characters that triggered the implant in “In a Flash”.)

The cover will be a challenge – I’m not sure I can get the effect I want with photo-editing (my usual cover technique), and even though I am capable of drawing the cover (given enough time), I’m not sure that’s the way to go, either.

My need to do all this on a shoestring brings to mind an expression: “You get what you pay for.” But there are ways of paying that don’t include laying out cash, and there’s another expression: “Time is money” – I’ll just be paying with that.

Just saying…


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