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Meandering Monday about the Abortion Disconnect

Most of us have an opinion about abortion – many have STRONG ones. It’s an incredibly divisive issue, and when you try to speak with someone who doesn’t agree with you, there’s a disconnect. We’re using different language as each side builds its narrative.

There are two main sides – the PRO-CHOICE (which the other side calls PRO-ABORTION) and the PRO-LIFE (which their opponents call ANTI-ABORTION.) Each side chooses language that they think strengthens their argument. An UNBORN CHILD is a MASS OF CELLS. A FETAL HEARTBEAT is turned into EMBRYONIC PULSING. Control of the language, rather than honest discussion, is used, not to win the argument or come to an agreement, but to eliminate the possibility of discussion in the first place.

For forty some-odd years, people have been cowed into accepting the stance that it’s only a woman’s choice about that mass of cells, because it’s HER BODY. But if you’re truly PRO-LIFE, how can you think that? If that is a HUMAN BEING in there, with a HEARTBEAT, capable of feeling PAIN, then there are (at least) two human bodies involved. Picture conjoined twins where one decides they want to be separated so they won’t have the inconvenience of being attached, even though it will KILL their sibling (I say that knowing that the PRO-CHOICE group won’t even be able to accept the analogy since they can’t accept the premise that there is a second HUMAN BEING involved.)

Our laws do not help the confusion. It’s not a HUMAN or a BABY if the woman bearing it doesn’t want it, but it is if she does? And if a pregnant woman is killed, the perp can be charged for killing TWO HUMANS, no matter what the dead woman was thinking?

Forty years, and our country is still split on this issue – despite abortion/choice  being pushed as the norm by those in control of our communications and governing. But the times they are a changing.

The abortion issue has collided with the TRUMP EFFECT. It’s not his pro-life position. It’s his anti-political correctness stance (some call it RUDENESS, others call it CANDOR – something else to disagree on…) Political correctness makes it impossible to discuss topics once they are labeled as CONTROVERSIAL.

Political correctness creates situations like the New York Times changing the term “fetal heartbeat” to “embryonic pulse” to make the unborn child seem even less human. The lack of clarity has resulted in multiple jurisdictions (New York, for example) sanctioning the killing of infants, met with no incredulity by the people who control the language. The Governor of Virginia discusses a child being born and then being kept comfortable while the doctor and the mother decide whether to let it live, but states that decide a fetus with a heartbeat is human and worthy of a chance at life are the radicals.

Why is it difficult (and verboten) to ask a woman not to kill a baby? How much has this attitude influenced women (and even men) to think it’s okay for them to kill or torture their own children (I could be wrong, but we do seem to be having a rash of that.)

Whose life is sacred? To paraphrase Orwell, are we saying that SOME LIVES ARE MORE SACRED THAN OTHERS? We have to clear this language mess up, and find a way to agree on what it means to be HUMAN.

Just saying…


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