Writing Wednesday: Swordsmaster Revisions Coming Together

Goals update: Last week I made my three blog posts (as usual), as well as my quota of comments on other blogs.

I haven’t found a new market for “Schizo the Magnificent”, which is my ONLY remaining short story that hasn’t been ePubbed. I’m still looking, but I’m not trying so hard – it’s a flash fiction, which is part of the problem.

“Truth in Advertising” is available on preorder now as its June 21st release date approaches.

Last week I worked on Swordsmaster revisions a little every day, which is good (a sign that I’m at least DOING something.) I logged 2,166 words of fiction. Swordsmaster is now over 96,750 words.


The Swordsmaster revisions continue, but changes are becoming less consequential to the plot, and more about readability and aesthetics. I am doing a lot of rephrasing, switching narration and dialogue around to where it sounds better to me. Reading out loud helps to catch things that might look alright on the page, but can trip up the reader (who is hearing the words in their head.)

There are some “fact” changes. I decided that the number of troops sent by King Torvald to help Caladon deal with the Jarrun problem seemed too small, so I doubled it. I named another character (Captain Hernden of the Brentwood Guard), rather than leaving him as “the guard captain.” That puts my named character tally at one-hundred-twenty-five.

I don’t yet know whether Swordsmaster will be a standalone novel, or the first of a series, so I have tried to set it up as complete in and of itself, but leave myself the possibility of a sequel. I have had a vague idea for a couple of years now that there would be a sequel and it’s general nature (on the Southron continent), but here in the last couple of months the possibility of a third book (second, really, positioned between Swordsmaster and the Southron one) has come to me. I think it’s Sir Lavignon’s fault – he’s been working at expanding his role in Swordsmaster, and this last go round he has been trying to figure out how to make me write him into the final battle at Taernfeld (yes, my characters get pushy sometimes.) He has upped his profile over the last couple of months, and may yet force his way in.

I decided on my chapter breaks – right now Swordsmaster is separated into a prologue and twenty-two numbered chapters. Way back when I was first writing Swordsmaster, I had this idea that I would have chapter tiles, rather than just numbers, and that those titles would form a poem. It was a fun idea, but I don’t know if I’ll manage to pull that off. I still have a couple of months to try it, so we shall see…

I’m still mulling over how I’m going to do the cover, but I think my best chance to create the image I want is going to be photo-editing. I can draw some, but it isn’t really the look I want. I have a couple of directions to go with the exact image I want to create – either something directly from Svaerd’s reappearance at Taernfeld’s central plaza, or something wore generally emblematic of Swordsmaster, with the haeld-sword and a hawk. I may post first efforts when I start trying to build the cover.

I know I still have a lot to do, but I’m still comfortable that Swordsmaster will make its September release. So far…

Just saying…


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