Meandering Monday about Predators and Prey

From my earliest memories, I’ve been fascinated with animals. I always felt a great affinity with wolves, and, to a lesser extent with hawks (I’m not that parochial about it – I include falcons in that love, although I can’t seem to view eagles as part of that group – not sure why.)

I was doing some late research for Swordsmaster (late because I’ publishing in three months, and I had this task on my list of to-dos for a couple of years.) I found some fascinating videos (this is so much easier in our internet age than it was in my YOUTH), and spent some time familiarizing myself – not with just the raptors, but in how they are used.

On some level, I had forgotten about the killing – I knew it was there, but I had scrubbed it from my love of raptors. I admired a sanitized version of the birds of prey (maybe they had become birds of prAy in my mind?), and I just thought of how magnificent and fierce they were.

I was rudely reminded of their “habits” a couple of years ago when we captured video on our security cameras of one catching and dismembering a rabbit on our front lawn. And then again when I watched these YouTube videos of hawks holding down panicking, terrified rabbits before the prey were finally put out of their misery.

It’s sort of like when a child is first told where chicken nuggets come from.

Or maybe there’s something more to it than that. I remember sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, watching a NatGeo program about wolves. There they were, in their natural environment, chasing down and hamstringing very young and very old deer. I remember feeling a lot of sympathy for the deer, and I wondered at the time if it was because I’m just a sympathetic kind of guy (I can be brought to tears by some of the silliest things), or I was just getting SOFT. Or was it because I was identifying more and more with the prey, because, quite frankly, I can’t run fast enough anymore, either (this may make you predators out there think that the elderly are easy prey, but consider this: any elderly person, KNOWING that they are a slow moving target, and can’t OUTRUN a threat will do what they can to STOP the threat. I’m proud to live in a Texas…)

No one wants to become a nugget meal. We all do eventually, but we don’t have to let the predators decide when that is. Just saying…


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