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Writing Wednesday: A Little About Swordsmaster

Goals update: Last week I made my three blog posts (by now I could just stop reporting this as I make them like clockwork, but it gives me something to feel good about every week, and who knows if I would still make it if I stopped reporting?), and managed to get back to my minimal comments on the blogs of others.

“Schizo the Magnificent” has not returned from market yet, so I have no stories waiting to be sent out.

“Truth in Advertising” completed its release weekend, and since I’m skipping my next scheduled ePub, my next release will be Swordsmaster (September, but I haven’t set the date yet.)

Last week I worked on Swordsmaster revisions all seven days. I logged 2,329 words of fiction. Swordsmaster is now over 97,825 words.


I read somewhere that if you talk about a story you are writing (or want to write), your brain starts thinking it’s already been written, and it short-circuits the creative process. Between that and spoilers, I haven’t wanted to say too much about Swordsmaster. I also worry a little about giving away too much (like a spoiler) and using up what suspense or anticipation the reader would experience. But since I’ll be releasing in about three months, I should start giving some hints about it, as well as a little of my thinking on building the story.

The story takes place in Caladon, and Earldom on the northern part of the Northron continent. I’ve created a rough map of the world, and there is a Southron continent also, the two separated by a sea and a string of islands. Caladon is part of Haval, a kingdom risen from a raider culture and trying to become a more civilized empire, in the process absorbing part of the more civilized Alleman to the south. There are some city-states in a section called Iberia on the southern coast of the Northron continent. Haval’s hereditary enemies are the Sletten, with whom Caladon shares a border.

I will probably include a map of Caladon when I publish Swordsmaster, but I won’t show much of anything beyond its borders. All the action in Swordsmaster takes place in Caladon, and since the other areas are only mentioned in passing, I see no point in making the map of the rest of the world “official.” This will give me the freedom to make modifications later (if I decide to write a sequel or expand into a series, which is still up in the air.)

There is a prologue that happens four hundred years before the events of Swordsmaster that explains how the last war between Haval and Slette ends, gives a little background on the Etaeren people (Haval renamed Etaer to Caladon when they took it over) their use of aerh (this world’s “magic”), and their ancient stronghold of Taernfeld. It also presents the imprisonment of the evil sorcerer Svaerd, who figures into the main story much, much later.

The first chapter shows Caladon four hundred years later and introduces the Highborne family of the Earl of Tarlenon, as well as how Mikael of the mountain village of Closest meets his wife Vassa. A little more flavor of the times.

In the second chapter we meet Sandrik, the story’s main character. He’s the fourteen-year-old son of Mikael and Vassa, living on the mountain of Calhorn, and about to make the trip to Taernfeld for the ritual that will – hopefully – declare him a man. He has anxiety over this, partly because he’s a child, but also because his golden eyes point him out as an Aurae – legendary (and according to legend cursed) users of aerh. He knows nothing of using aerh (it is forbidden), but that doesn’t matter to the prophesy he becomes wrapped up in.

I’ve probably said too much.

Most of what I’ve said here is pretty much the way I envisioned the story when I first started writing it in 1979. The rest of the story (aside from a second and third visit to Taernfeld) bears no resemblance to the eighty hand-written pages (no PC back then) that I had written of Swordsmaster before I stopped, shelved the project, and went on to other things (i.e., living) until I decided to resurrect Swordsmaster in 2015.

With a September release planned, I’d like to do a one month preorder campaign, which means I should finish my revisions before the end of August; I don’t want to be cleaning things up right to the submission deadline – that kind of last minute editing generates a panic that results in a lot of self-fulfilling sloppiness.

When I’m done, I will be DONE. Just saying…


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