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Writing Wednesday: Don’t Overdo It

Goals update: Last week I made my three blog posts. I failed to make my piddling three comments (only made two); I might do better if I didn’t restrict myself to relevant, possibly useful comments, but I guess I was born too early for that 😉…

The only non-published story I have available is visiting a potential market. There will be no further short fiction releases until October 25th, which is after  Swordsmaster’s September release.

Last week I continued with what feels like endless Swordsmaster revisions. I logged 2,408 words of fiction, and Swordsmaster is over 99,250 words.


I hate revisions and rewriting. It isn’t the fun part of writing for me, but it’s something that needs to be done (don’t you hate that REAL LIFE is that way? I suppose if I was born in the snowflake generation I would see it differently, but every time I see someone refusing to do the necessary things because they JUST DON’T WANNA!, I feel like telling them to stop throwing tantrums and GET REAL.)

I am committed to finishing all my revisions by the end of July. After that, any work I do on Swordsmaster will be tied to publication (cover creation, blurbs, formatting – none of which have been started yet, and all of which are also vitally necessary to complete this project.

I didn’t realize until recently how long it’s been since I last created a new story (I finished “Date Night” nineteen months ago today.) Creation is the part of writing that I live for, and because I’ve been working and reworking my Swordsmaster novel instead of continuing to churn out new short fiction, I haven’t been getting that same feeling of accomplishment. I’m needing to see a change in that soon.

I also need to pay attention to my own cautions about voice homogenization through over-revising. I think I’ve done a good job of keeping Swordsmaster’s voice through this process, but who knows when it will shift from cleaning things up to messing them up? It’s very easy for a story to feel stale when you’ve read through it dozens of times, and then you start thinking that you need to change it so it will feel fresh. But it’s only YOU the writer who is experiencing that “staleness” because you’re so familiar with your own work (hell, I’ve been working on this story pretty solidly for FOUR YEARS, not to mention that I first came up with the idea in 1979.) Beware change for change’s sake – it can be deadly dangerous to your story. Just saying…


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