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Meandering Monday about Losing It

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?”

– Joni Mitchell

(Yes, I know this isn’t what Joni was talking about – I am misappropriating her words for my own sad purposes. You shouldn’t pick on your elders…)

My sense of smell became almost non-existent maybe fifteen years ago. I remember it now as a sudden thing – one day it just wasn’t there – but I’m sure it was really just so gradual I didn’t notice it until it was gone. My significant one still asks my opinion on scented candles or soaps in the store. I dutifully put them to my nose and inhale, but there’s mostly nothing there for me. If she tells me it’s vanilla then I sometimes think I can smell it, but I think it’s more of a memory of the scent rather than actually smelling it in the present day.

My scent thing seems to be a little unusual, but we lose lots of things as we age.

I’ve added some hearing loss in the last year. This has been accompanied by some tinnitus. The ENT told me that the pitch of tinnitus I’m hearing should be the same pitch that I’ve lost. Isn’t that nice? My ability to hear that particular sound has been taken away, so instead I hear it ALL THE TIME as a reminder of what I’m missing.

My eye exam went well – I’ve been informed that my cataracts are progressing, and in a year or two I’ll be a candidate for cataract surgery. CANDIDATE makes it seem like a privilege, doesn’t it – like it’s something we want to strive for? I’d just as soon pass, thank you…

There are tradeoffs – this entropy takes the good with the bad. I can’t smell flowers or candles, but I also can’t smell skunks. Or when the house is burning. I didn’t want to hear that high-pitched sound, anyway. And when you can’t see as well as you used to, the house doesn’t look as dirty, so you spend less time cleaning it (well, maybe my painful joints and loss of muscle make it take just as long to do less, but you know what I mean. Don’t mock me, you whippersnapper!)

Enjoy life every day that you can. We’re all losing it, you know – some of us more than others. Just saying…


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